Dr. Michael Greger – How Not To Die Audiobook

Dr. Michael Greger – How Not To Die Audiobook

How Not To Die Audiobook – By Dr. Michael Greger

It’s a short article in a literary journal that made me want to read Greger’s How Not to Die. Dr. Michael Greger – How Not To Die Audiobook .

The title is provocative as are other health books currently (Kill cancer,…).

Today, works signed by doctors are among the top sellers; it is a real phenomenon, one of the most astonishing editorial successes of recent years.

This is a block of more than 500 pages that I did not read with great pleasure! Let’s be frank.

The tone is aggressive and alarmist, the accounts of the sick people encountered are weighty, murky, because this author-doctor who also travels the USA to give lectures (some in churches!) Calls his life into question in each of his chapters. He wants to be extremely convincing for all parts of his talk. Me that gave me a little nausea…

The book is thus divided: 15 chapters corresponding to 15 diseases (fatal), a second part on foods to be consumed exclusively and the reflexes to operate in order not to be affected by the diseases of First 15 chapters.

Apart from the style chosen to express his ideas which I did not appreciate (you understood it), I must admit that these 500 pages are still rich, informative, correctly constructed, supported by well-documented scientific studies, even if I would have liked him to save us his personal speeches without interest.

These vital links between health and food are now well known to all, but we often continue to eat as if the future did not matter. I think that is what annoys Dr. Greger and obliges him to express himself in this way: he wants to convince us.

Thus, the positive point of Comment not to die is to provide us with an inventory of the most essential international studies on modern diseases caused by junk food.

Too bad, alas, that his only answer is summed up in a vegan diet (The doctor is vegan!).

We are in fact a little lost in our feelings with this book which nevertheless teems with advice and reliable and essential references. Perhaps quite simply, because Greger is excessive, a bit fundamentalist too, both in his subject (veganism) and the expressive form he uses (style).

But, if you have a lot of time and the subject interests you, it is obvious that the contents of this work have a certain interest, when you put a little measure to it.