How To Win Friends And Influence People Audiobook

How To Win Friends And Influence People Audiobook

How To Win Friends And Influence People Audiobook

This book was recommended to me by a genuine billionaire when I was still a teenager. Not, of course, that this person lacked friends or that he feared that I would miss them myself later, no, this little book, very simple in form and in content, was rather, in his eyes. , a “Psychology of crowds” for individual use, or even a “Prince” within reach of the vulgar. In fact, ” How To Win Friends And Influence People ” is a bit like the good old family cookery manual for the crafty housewife wishing to control her audience.

That said, test the recipes: infallible result!


I read his other book “How to Speak in Public” and finally

his best seller, “How To Win Friends And Influence People“.

Equally captivating, and more.

But did I make friends for all that?

And do you imagine that when after finishing the last page, someone rings my doorbell, and there a guy asked me: “Would you like us to be friends?” Just kidding ..

In any case what comes back is that it is essential to be interested in the other, not to speak only of oneself.

I was afraid at the beginning that there was a principle of manipulation in this book, not in fact, he advises, and especially to remain oneself.

Unfortunately we are in a society that judges a lot, on appearances, as well as at first glance, we must try to go further and see beyond our prejudices.

Happy reading that I recommend!


The success and exceptional longevity of this book are understandable, it is THE Bible of human relations that I would call “standards”, that is to say that it contains all the tips, since taken over in thousands of development books personal, to have cordial relations with people in general.

Where this book is disappointing is that it does not deal in any way with friendship or love, ie “exceptional” human relationships, much more difficult to create and bring to life with a few key principles. in hand. There is therefore a slight deception on the merchandise in view of the title, although most people obtaining it are at least aware of it, in my opinion …

To stay on the title, the book could have been called “Comment succeed professionally by manipulating people who think they are your friends? ” Indeed, commercial anecdotes abound and the proposed method, which can be applied in a healthy way, can easily turn into hypocrisy, lies and dishonesty.


“Arouse a burning desire in the person you want to influence”. No, “ How To Win Friends And Influence People, ” by Dale Carnegie, is not a good behavior manual for 6-18 year olds. It is one of the oldest manipulation treatises of the modern era. First published in 1936, and since sold 40 million copies. he is one of the references of the “Personal development” department. In 250 pages and 30 principles, this little book to read, reread and reread will explain how to make yourself pleasant, and therefore to have friends, and therefore to influence. If you want a concrete guide to improving your relationships with others, buy this one with your eyes closed.

It took me a long time to make up my mind to read this book. Always crammed into the personal development and business departments of the FNAC, I don’t like pure products, thought to be followed to the letter, boat recipes. And then I told myself that 1/40 million people could not all be wrong and 2/250 pages reads quickly. I did well. “ How To Win Friends And Influence People ” is inspiring and disconnected enough from our 3.0 era to get back to the basics of human relationships. Halfway between the conduct manual, the manipulation treatise, and the influencer guide,advice Dale Carnegie’s seems obvious. But the obvious is not a good approach for this kind of book. Rather, note-taking, regular proofreading, and application should be preferred. Otherwise, you’ll just have a bit of general knowledge, but if that’s what you’re looking for, read Jules instead, and you’ll see how to make friends.


I don’t think I have enough superlatives to compliment this book.

I just have a bunch of questions running through my head,

Why didn’t anyone tell me to buy this book in high school? Why is this book not the basis for working in communication courses? Why do large groups not systematically offer it to their managers? Why is it not offered systematically to a new salesperson when entering a business?

Despite short studies, we can say that I have been working my way for a few years, salesman in store, itinerant salesperson, independent trainer, manager, company director …, and no one has spoken to me about indulging! Why ?

It turns out today that some of my successes were the result of behaviors dictated in this book, but I would have been a much better salesperson, trainer or manager if I had read this book before!

Whether it is for business, for family life, or just for everyday life, this book is a precious and pragmatic aid to help us better understand and better interact with others.

Don’t wait any longer, buy and read this read!


In conclusion, this book is more of a professional development guide dedicated to anyone with an important relational dimension in their activity, than a guide to improving their social life for the sake of personal well-being.