Malala Yousafzai‎ – I Am Malala Audiobook

Malala Yousafzai‎ – I Am Malala Audiobook


I Am Malala Audiobook – By ‎Malala Yousafzai‎





When they took control of Pakistan’s Swat Valley, a very young girl raised her voice. Refusing the ignorance to which fanaticism condemned her, Malala Yousafzai resolved to fight to continue going to school. His courage nearly cost him his life.

On October 9, 2012, when she was only fifteen, she was seriously injured in a school bus. This attack supposed to silence her only reinforced her conviction in her fight, which began in her native valley to lead her to the United Nations. At barely sixteen, Malala Yousafzai is the new global embodiment of peaceful protest and the youngest candidate in history for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Me, Malala is the heartbreaking story of a family in exile because of terrorism; of a father who against all odds founded schools; courageous parents who, in a society where boys are kings, showed immense love to their daughter and encouraged her to learn, to write, to denounce the unbearable and to demand, for all, access to knowledge.


My opinion:

I discovered Malala when she received the Nobel Peace Prize. This little bit of a woman touched me and I wanted to discover her story through this autobiography. It was not without apprehension that I opened the book, because biographies or autobiographies are not really my cup of tea. And if the one if is not well written, I get bored very quickly. Here on the contrary, from the first lines, I was captivated and I devoured this book in barely 3 days.


We discover a little girl who adores school, who is naive and who is so endearing. She makes us discover her country Pakistan and more particularly the region of Swat, in the north of the country with its magnificent valleys. Only, this little girl who looks like so many others, grew up and became more quickly responsible and mature, because she learned to live alongside , and never gave up her right to education:


” They are against education because they think that when a child reads a book, learns English or studies science, he becomes Westernized. But I say, “Education is ‘Education. We have to learn everything and then choose which path we take. “Education does not belong to the West or the East, it belongs to mankind.”


Since then, she has always fought for education, especially for girls, and her fight sometimes shivers down your spine:

“When girls disappear, it’s not always because they are married. There was a pretty fifteen year old girl called Seema. Everyone knew she was in love with a boy and sometimes when he passed nearby she would look at him from under the long black lashes that all the other girls envied. society, a girl who flirts with a young boy brings shame on her family. But a man has all the rights! We were told that she had committed suicide. But we eventually learned that it was her family who had poisoned her. ”


She shows enormous courage in the face of them, even risking her life, because in 2012, she was the victim of an attack. She will be okay but will have to undergo many operations and will have a very long recovery. His fight is remarkable and I highly recommend reading this book because it is a wonderful message.