James S. A – Leviathan Wakes Audiobook

James S. A – Leviathan Wakes Audiobook

Leviathan Wakes Audiobook – (The Expanse Series #1)





it wakes up.

First volume of a long series to come (two translated for the moment with the war of Caliban) which obtains a great success across the Atlantic.

Humanity has swarmed in the solar system. Mars is colonized as well as many asteroids of the belt (of Kuiper for the close friends) and other moons of the giant planets (but they intervene very little in the account).

Miller, an old belted cop on his return, is given a mission: To find a rich little girl who has fun playing the rebels for the APE (Alliance of Outer Planets).

Holden, Captain (second at the start) roamer in the solar system sees himself drawn in spite of himself in a rescue mission that quickly turns into an interplanetary plot with risks of war at stake against a background of bacteriological, viral or alien invasion risk , we don’t know, we no longer know.

Their destinies are obviously brought to intersect (roughly halfway through the novel).

First of all, we read here and there, Games Of Throne from space. STOP. I don’t know who found this analogy, but I find it absolutely, but absolutely not justified. A slightly different background, you will agree. An unrelated story. Much less characters, a totally different style of writing. A much less present political dimension. A much faster pace, more accessible, more entertaining reading. In short, nothing to see.

My analogy is more of a mix between Orson Scott Card’s latest series (the formic wars) for the background, the simplicity of the writing and the popular space op side (hard science is very very light, even if we stay on the realistic side of space travel), rhythmic and immersive and Hamilton for the black technological thriller side (good gray rather, we must not exaggerate) against a backdrop of the solitary cop.

The two main characters are a bit cartoonish. Miller, gruff, on the return (but he did not know it) competent and his last mission for the barouf of honor. Holden, captain a little psychoactive, steeped in great principles, right in his boots (but who sleeps with his mate, ah damn I spoiled). But if these characters have become clichés, it’s because it works. It’s efficient, spirited and very entertaining.

In the end, James S. A – Leviathan Wakes Audiobook a pure entertainment space opera without downtime (except for the very beginning at the beginning).

And besides, Syfy is going to make a series of it. Nice, isn’t it?

Four stars in real life, but I put five for all the books to which I put four when they deserved only three …