Jennifer Niven – Holding Up the Universe Audiobook

Jennifer Niven – Holding Up the Universe Audiobook

Holding Up the Universe Audiobook – Jennifer Niven




They want me. They need me. They love me.

First of all, thank you very much to the editions for this sending which made me put my heart out of my chest because, since my SP of Tous nos jours parfaits three years ago (however, I have the impression that it was yesterday …), a beautiful book love story was born between Jennifer Niven and me. In a novel, this author had achieved the feat of making me fall in love with her two main characters, the unforgettable Finch and Violet, and dazzling me with the most beautiful and sparkling ultraviolet radiance there is. All the bright places, for its small name in original version, had become my new literary sun in Young Adult, my new horizon and a home as heartwarming and inspiring as it was able to break my heart into a thousand pieces. Marco … Polo. Ever etched in my memory. But in short, enough about this little masterpiece, if you want to know more, my rave review about it is still here, and it will not budge, it will be patiently waiting for you. But, in view of my overflowing love for the first novel that I had discovered by this completely formidable author, you can easily understand my unbearable excitement for this publication which was announced and which was imminent. the baby is now at home and, just like All our perfect days in the past (I lent my darling of love in order to make it radiate to as many people as possible, but it was taken from me, I am still inconsolable), I am extremely proud as a mother hen to have it proudly enthroned in my library. This beloved little brother is an exceptional little pearl too, and in his own way, and he claims his difference with strength and honor, his head held high and the blue bursting with purity (check out those bububbles on the cover!) . My dear books, my children … What would I do without them to guide me and give me courage in this very ugly and very dark world, I ask you …

The first advice I can give you before to approach the reading of this radiant and sublimely extraordinary book, it is above all, but then above all not, to try to compare it to its predecessor. This one will never lose its place in your heart, do not be afraid of a possible competition so do not look for it everywhere under the pretext of wanting to find the little beast. There is nothing wrong with this little white angel that is Holding Up the Universe Audiobooke, you just have to savor and cherish it with all your might and it will give you back. I know it is difficult, having read a radiant and devastating nugget like a hurricane of emotions and lightning accuracy like All Our Perfect Days, to be able to move on and not keep it in mind when attacking a new book by the same author. But, if Jennifer Niven, the incredible, the fabulous Jennifer, taught me one thing, it’s that our hearts are big enough like that to have enough room for two literary lovers. There is never enough room in our loving, adventurous hearts for good books, and good people, trust me. You just have to open your arms wide, literally and metaphorically speaking, and Jen will do the rest with her fairy feather that knows how to whisper in our ears words that make the sound of the most pleasant and powerful timpani in the world at that time. Words that mark us, that capsize us, that remind us, and rightly so, how important, beautiful and necessary we are, as individuals, to this pretty little world so that it turns round, that it advances and strengthens itself, so that it becomes better and brighter. If I should advise an author to recalcitrant teenagers in the act of reading, it would be the literary production of this formidable and spectacular woman, who draws on her life in the best possible way, as one would by squeezing sour lemons and repulsive to make a refreshing lemonade. Reading one of his books immediately makes life more sunny and full of opportunities to prove to ourselves that we are able to take advantage of every moment, to show that we have value and that we matter. , and also to assemble oneself that we love ourselves, that we have the ability to see beyond the cruel and mocking mirror and that we are able to see the inner beauty and the qualities of everyone , starting with us.

Libby Groby is a glaring example of these beneficial actions on oneself. Like many leading authors of teenage / YA literature andcolleagues Jennifer Niven’s, such as Nicola Yoon(Everything, Everything ; The Sun is also a Star) or Jay Asher(Treize Raisons ; What Light) for ne to quote them, I too fell under the devastating spell of Libby Groby, an extraordinary heroine, and I do not speak of her weight. Libby is a unique and amazing young girl, utterly irresistible, and for more reasons than I can count on ten fingers of one hand. And then, the handsome and endearing Jack Masselin will explain to you why Libby has such an effect on those around him. You have to read the book now, niark niark niark. Not that this is a chore, on the contrary. This book is a little cloud that will lift you to the highest level and make your little heart beat faster and melting. But, to come back to my love Libby, if I admire her and love her so much, it’s because, already, the romantic fantasies that unfold in her little head buzzing with thoughts that go soooooo into their delirium are absolutely twisting. It’s teeming in there, it’s bubbling, it’s dreaming of change, of new life, of exhilarating and fascinating existence at all levels (and especially that of the pious, humhum – adolescents and their hormones, what do you want … ), it fumes with rage and the desire to say things clearly, to dare, to scandalize, to defend oneself and to nail the beak to the glossy lips, pulpy and vomiting the worst slugs of hatred and contempt of the Barbie dolls in Caroline Lushamp. And my beloved Libby will do it all. She’s going to take charge of her whole body, show it off, love it, make it dance because she’s got it in her blood and she’s not going to stop just because loathsome people hate to see handfuls moving. love and blinding people to be themselves and to say things frankly, without being ashamed and without demeaning, freeing herself, she will fight and show that she has it in her stomach (so to speak), that her fist is steel, and that its size is far from being limited to its physical appearance. Libby is stunning, surprising and breathtaking in many ways, and Jack won’t tell you otherwise. She has devastating humor, awe-inspiring grandeur of mind, and she is completely overwhelming. Admittedly, she does not deceive herself on the world, disappointing, which surrounds her, but, after the traumatic events which she lived, she made enormous efforts to improve her daily life, to show her father her gratitude towards him, owe everything he’s done and cash in for her, as a super-daddy, and she doesn’t intend to see all of his efforts ruined by morons of the worst kind. She fights daily for a better life than her old label of “morbidly obese” could have afforded her, and she’s sticking to it. Libby is a hell of a role model, and she would have some good lessons for you, if you gave her the chance. Second urgent call to read this novel, but at the same time, this entire column screams at you to do so! Of course, our dear heroine will have her moments of weakness, her doubts and fears, her moments of despair and disarray, for, beyond her scent of fresh ink, she is made of a fabric of deeply human emotions ( another unmistakable strength ofwriting Jennifer Niven’s – bringing her characters to life from every pore), and you will certainly find yourself in her life or in that of one of the various characters in this novel, it is very easy to identify with one of them or recognize the traits of one of your relatives through these characters, their daily life and their trials. Jennifer Niven knows how to talk to us, go straight to our hearts without knocking, like the bewitching call of the siren to sailors, with here a promise not of death, but of life.

Well, that’s not all that, but I realize that my little Jackounet also needs his moment of glory in this column, say so! Jack Masselin, I declare my eternal love to you and I now officially consider you one of my book boyfriends of my privileged harem. I’m an incorrigible artichoke heart, however, I don’t get caught that easily, not even very mouthwatering fillets like Jack’s. Now, precisely, this boy has no nets, he is disarming and deeply sincere, despite the reality that he is living and which, for her part, is made up like a pot of paint, his heart is hurt, confused. to hundreds of faces, but, from heart to heart, the dialogue we have had during this reading has been magnificent. Get ready for Jack to be THE real surprise in this novel, which has plenty in store for you. After all, he learned from the best, his beloved big brotherAll Our Perfect Days. It is difficult to recover from the surprises he gives us throughout his plot, moreover, I still have not succeeded … But do not think that Holding Up the Universe Audiobooke will remain quietly in it. shadow, blissful and admiring, no no no. He too stands out from the crowd, too, he shines at its maximum brightness, blue this time, and he too shakes us with the force of an earthquake, he shakes us like a plum tree and he leaves us, after having closed the book, having drawn a huge smile on our trembling lips. For All Our Perfect Days, they were trembling with joy tinged with a sadness that never leaves us. Here, that of Libby’s mourning, of the death of this much loved mother with a snap of her fingers that destroys an existence, that of an innocent child and absolutely unprepared for this cataclysm, from one day to the next, that of Jack and of his cerebral anomaly, which leaves us with arms dangling, guts twisted with anguish and sorrow, that of incomprehension and fear that invades our mind, the one that nothing will cure or fix. However, we do with it, says Jennifer Niven, we move step by step, groping, we agree to share our burden with other people, because we do not deserve to carry all this suffering on our only frail shoulders. We simply live. I don’t want to tell you more about what’s messing up Jack’s existence every moment because you deserve to open this poisoned gift yourself. I reassure you, poisoned, he won’t stay that way for long, because you will take Jack by the hand, accompany him, encourage him, comfort him because he is far from being the asshole he thinks he is, and you suddenly fall in love with him, Libby, the unique Jayvee and his references to Atticus Finch (the Finches, again and again ♥), disco (move your body, baby!), bikinis purple, pizzas from Clara’s, We have always lived at the castle (I’m dying to read this book now!) and his crazy Merricat, Jack’s indomitable afro (I dream of feeding his hands in the hair endlessly), even the charming and obvious perfection of Bailey Bishop and her shampoo. And even the little doll who lacks self-confidence and hides deep in the hideous Caroline Amelia Lushamp. Even of that. You will be with them all until the end of the path and even after.

What more can I tell you? Just to let yourself be trapped by the amber eyes and scent of the sunshine of the huge Libby (and I’m still not talking about her weight, at least not the physical weight), by the half smirk which hides a lot of courage and scars that will make you Jack, by the extraordinary story which will be born between them and which exists for much longer than they think. I would like to thank theeditions again a thousand times Gallimard Jeunesse for having sent me this book with a thousand faces, which I took an immense and intense pleasure to devour upon receipt during my cozy weekend under at least three plaids and surrounded of my adored soft toys. This novel too is worthy of a blanket book, with which to curl up like a kitten as soon as we feel like it. Just turn on the light for the darkness to vanish. And a big thank you to Jennifer Niven for polishing and shining her writing gem to its maximum sparkle every time with each new novel. Finally, I wanted to end this column with a mention that I usually never do, and I am ashamed to think about it: a warm and absolutely insane thank you to the translator of this book, Vanessa Rubio-Barreau, who will allow a large number of non-English speaking French readers, or most of the target readership, to discover and acquire this gold nugget. This act of translating and restoring the spirit of the author’s writing into our beautiful language of Molière means a lot and deserves to be underlined. I will pay more attention to it from now on. As for you, who have read me to the end (what rigor! What tenacity!), You know where your duty lies … LIGHTNING ϟ awaits you!

We want this book. We need it. We love it.