Jodi Picoult – My Sisters Keeper audiobook

Jodi Picoult – My Sisters Keeper audiobook

My Sisters Keeper audiobook
My Sisters Keeper audiobook


This very beautiful novel tackles the theme of those who are called “child drugs”,
and raises the questions of the right to dispose of one’s body,
of the injustice that there can be in butchering a healthy child in order to have it.
heal another and the limits that must be imposed on bioethics. My Sisters Keeper audiobook.
To fully understand the positions of each part, Jodi PICOULT immerses us in the life of the protagonists.
Kate is a little girl with a rare and particularly aggressive form of leukemia very early on.
Her parents see a chance to save her by making her a little sister,
as her umbilical cord would provide Kate with the cells she needs.
For optimum compatibility, doctors make an embryo, Anna, perfectly compatible with Kate – live IVF.
Unfortunately, this treatment will not be enough in the long term, and over the years Anna will have to undergo several more or less invasive interventions,
to offer her sister various cells, fluids or even organs .
This requires her on a regular and forced basis to be admitted to the hospital at the same time as her sister,
and to undergo several procedures for Kate’s benefit that may prove to be risky or painful for her.
Until the day her mother tells her that she has to donate a kidney to Kate.
Anna is then supposed to sacrifice for her sister her own chance to be able to continue playing sports, to go to school.
but also to take the risk of the intervention itself as well as of having only one kidney left.
case of problem ,
All this in the physical interest of her sister, that of the family…
And a little also in her moral interest if she wants to have a chance to keep her sister alive and not to feel guilty.
But if she loves her sister and cares about her health,
is it right that she was only conceived for her sister,
could never live her own life, and be forced to suffer for another?
So at 13, Anna decides to go see a lawyer who would like to defend her and allow her to have her own body.
Of course, the prospect of a trial within an already battered family will be extremely difficult for each member of the family,
who will more or less have to choose sides.
Until the final turnaround, where “My Sisters Keeper audiobook” returns to the carpet in the craziest of ways, the most overwhelming.
A cascade ending, very strong but as unexpected as it is sad and full of hope, which gives all its meaning to the title.

Review of Jodi Picoult – My Sisters Keeper audiobook :

I usually avoid novels where illness has an important place, but I do not regret, as each character is endearing,
the writing fluid and the atmosphere as removed as possible given the theme: I liked it a lot.
The chapters in which the mother tells are the most poignant since they speak of her sick daughter,
and also the heaviest since they describe the treatments her daughter undergoes, the relapses,
and what the parents of a perpetually dying child experience. .
She relies constantly on Kate’s illness to justify her decisions,
which makes her seem unfriendly because at the same time she does not seem to take into account Kate’s quality of life.
Fortunately, the other testimonies lighten the book by relying more on moral and legal debate,
the difference between good and justice;
by slipping anecdotes that change our ideas about the love story of the lawyer or his mysterious guide dog…!
It is a book to read, a book which will have taken and turned you in all directions but whose end is very successful.
Special mention to the conclusions of the parties at the end of the trial,
very thoughtful and humane,
as well as to the verdict of the judge for the same reasons. Have you seen the film adaptation?
What would we do in their place? What is the fairest solution for each party?
good and justice do not always come together … My Sisters Keeper audiobook.