John Scalzi – The Human Division Audiobook

John Scalzi – The Human Division Audiobook

The Human Division Audiobook – By John Scalzi




This volume is different from the previous ones because it is in fact a collection of news on the period following the events of the previous volume. We are therefore different people who found us discovering how the situation is gradually changing for humans.

It is also different because as much as you warn you from the start, the plot is not over. In fact it is really a question of introducing the following volume here, of setting up the situation more than having an independent history.

As a reminder following the events of the previous volumes, humans are now divided into three different camps. On the one hand, we have the Colonial Union which manages all humans outside the earth, or rather managed everything, since some of these colonists deserted it to join an extraterrestrial alliance. And there is also the problem of the Earth itself which is also dissociated from the union since it was realized that it was blocked in its development for centuries with the aim of making it a nursery. to soldiers unlimited for the union.

The first episode introduces us to Team B, a team of Union diplomats, engineers and soldiers who will come to the fore several times in different stories. This one is sent to an important diplomatic mission at the last second because the previous team has mysteriously disappeared completely. In addition to successfully completing the mission, it will have to investigate the disappearance in question. They will find that someone had almost everything planned to make their mission fail.

And this mysterious group that does everything to stop humans will come back in the stories, we can even say that it is limited to the main subject even if we have no idea who it can be or why they act like that.

The only thing that annoyed me a little is the fact that we often have, in the first stories, a character who teaches a new one to explain the situation to him. And suddenly it’s really too “infodump” and heavy, I do not like this principle at all. But luckily it’s just at the beginning, I quickly forgot about it.

I found the tone of this collection to be really pessimistic towards humans. Basically we see him fail, get bogged down in their machinations, whether they are successful or failed.

Some people try to do things well, but when you are in a big machine whose only goal is to put humans first, to preserve them in the midst of a harsh and dangerous universe – and which will do ANYTHING to get there -, it’s not easy to have your own voice.

Suddenly the title of the next volume “The end of everything” is really scary after reading this collection.

On the other hand we also find the humor of the author. Those who have already read these books will understand, and it was really welcome here in contrast to the rest.

In fact I really read this collection slowly and I am happy about it because some of the stories were very short and if I had read them back to back quickly I wouldn’t have really had time to think about it and think about it. integrate them well into the whole.

And this final, wow, I loved it!

So I can say that despite the fact that it is clearly a tome “in between”, I really liked it. It gave me great motivation to continue the series.

I found the themes interesting, I got attached to the recurring characters even if we don’t really see them that much, given the narrative mode.