Kendare Blake – Five ​Dark Fates Audiobook

Kendare Blake – Five ​Dark Fates Audiobook

Five ​Dark Fates Audiobook – (Three Dark Crowns, #4) By Kendare Blake



I had hooked a lot to the first volume of this series. But the last volume leaves me in total indifference. I was no longer attached to the characters at all, and I had a little trouble following the logic of the events and the plot. I lost interest in the series, although I really like the idea.

The characters unfortunately seemed flat to me in this last volume.

I lacked emotion and development. Sure they are changing, but I haven’t really felt this process of change in all of them. I have the impression that they were accepting whatever was in their path without it leading to real reflections on their part and real gradual change. The relationships between the characters did not seem to me to really evolve in this last volume either.

I just had a feeling of accumulation of events, certainly linked. I had trouble really seeing the process and fully understanding the explanatory elements, especially on the history of the kingdom.

But it’s a universe that I still love as much, that I find super interesting and intriguing. I wasn’t expecting this ending, and I loved not seeing it coming! I was very surprised and shocked by certain passages. But maybe it’s a little too open for my taste, although we get all the answers to our questions, but this is only related to my own tastes.

In short, disappointed by this end of the Kendare Blake – Five Dark Fates Audiobook series when I really liked the first volume, but it is all the same a good closing of the series which leaves no more questions unanswered.