Kevin Kwan – Crazy Rich Asians Audiobook

Kevin Kwan – Crazy Rich Asians Audiobook

Crazy Rich Asians Audiobook – By Kevin Kwan




It’s been almost two years since Rachel Chu spun perfect love with the handsome Nicholas Young, professor of history at New York University where she herself teaches economics. Their relationship is serious, of course, but they aren’t engaged and don’t even live together. So Rachel can not help but wonder when Nicholas offers to accompany her to Singapore for the wedding of her best friend and a few weeks of vacation. Would this be a way for the young man to formalize things? Anxious to meet the parents of her boyfriend, Rachel accepts his proposal, encouraged by her mother who is desperate to have a daughter in her thirties still single. But there are some things Nicholas was careful not to tell him. The little history teacher turns out to be the most coveted bachelor in Asia, his family is extremely wealthy and his friend’s wedding is going to be THE wedding of the year, the most expensive, the most extravagant, bringing together all the elite Asian. Not sure that the Young and their friends welcome with open arms a Chinese from America, unknown and penniless. Very quickly, the dream trip turns into a nightmare for poor Rachel, lost in a hostile environment.

Kevin KWAN invites us for an exotic and exotic trip to the heart of Singaporean high society. The fortunes are colossal, the luxury glittering, the expenses enormous. On this small piece of peninsula, we know each other, we spy, we compare pedigrees. The very rich are uninhibited and are not afraid of a little ostentation. We travel in a private jet with a gold tap, marble floor and jacuzzi, we rob the chic boutiques of Paris or London. The very very rich are more discreet but do not hesitate to buy a palace to be able to fire a condescending concierge. Manners a hundred leagues from what ordinary people experience, delusions unimaginable for most of us. But everything can be bought except happiness. And, here as elsewhere, we deceive, we jealous, we cry, we betray, we plot. A ruthless universe where a foreigner is an intruder, dismissed as a peasant if he does not display a bank account in billions of dollars. You have to be born there to understand its codes. And this is also the case of Kevin KWAN who speaks knowingly since he grew up in one of these rich and powerful families. He presents this decadent and whimsical world to us in an extremely funny and caustic satire, less superficial than it seems at first glance. We have fun, we laugh, we take offense, we doubt and in the end, we have a good time with these privileged people whose lives are not as golden as their faucets. A good Kevin Kwan – Crazy Rich Asians Audiobook for the summer, to enjoy on a privatized island in Malaysia …. or elsewhere.