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It is with guilty but well-assumed pleasure that I read Kevin Kwan. “China Rich Girlfriend” was a bit disappointing, but “Rich People Problems” is making a comeback. The adventures of the Young family are always hilarious and the description of the existence of the ultra-rich fascinating. Do these people really live like this? It sounds so unbelievable that I can only (and will!) Believe it. But it’s the author’s absurd dialogue, tongue-in-cheek commentary and his overwhelming love of Singaporean cuisine that is the icing on the cake. Kevin Kwan – Rich People Problems Audiobook .

In the final tome of the trilogy, the deserving will be rewarded and Kitty Pong will make a triumphant return. These are moreover the most imperfect characters of Kevin Kwan that I prefer. The Eddies and the Kitties with their teeth that scratch the floor, their taste always on the bad side of kitsch and their stupidity a bit vulgar. They go above and beyond in this book and it is for our greatest pleasure.

(Kevin Kwan is also one of the few writers whose French characters don’t speak some sort of Google translate gibberish. It’s worth pointing out, this man has an eye for detail.)

This book leaves me with mixed emotions. It was long, really long. But the end was good.
Does that make the whole book good? No.
Does that make it worth ending the series? Perhaps. Anyway, I know I’m incapable of leaving a series behind, so that’s why I pushed to read the whole book and I’m glad I did.

Strong points :
– We find the characters we like (and less) in this third novel.
– The characters of Nick and Rachel are a breath of fresh air whenever they are present in this world of the crazy rich.

Weak points :
– There is little evolution for some characters. They start off with a certain character early in the series and don’t change after nearly 1,200 pages of the novel.
– There seems to be no limit to the madness of the rich and in the long run it’s more maddening than entertaining

I don’t know why I waited so long to finish this book! the second half was even better than the first but I was a little frustrated with the common ending of all the characters “they got married and had a lot of kids”. I would also have liked to have had more chapter on Oliver and better understand what had happened between Nick’s parents (and also managed to understand his father a little better)
Again, the following applies: the review contains smaller spoilers for the other parts of the series, since it is volume 3. If you don’t mind, please read on 🤭

When Nick’s grumpy grandmother is dying, he decides to travel to Singapore and pay her a last visit. For years, there has been a tense relationship between Nick and his family because of his wife Rachel. That Nick wants to reconcile with his grandmother does not suit everyone – after all, it is about the much sought-after legacy: the magnificent family home Tyersall Park. It is clear that there are all kinds of intrigues, rumors and arguments …

I love Kevin Kwan’s line of “Crazy Rich Asians”. The books just exude a great charm and somehow make me happy. This part was again very funny, bizarre and funny, but at the same time it kept me busy. So many bad things happened that I couldn’t stop reading. Kevin Kwan – Rich People Problems Audiobook .

My favorite characters in this volume were Rachel and Astrid again. Both of them couldn’t be made small again, despite numerous intrigues that were spun against them (and Astrid in particular had to put a lot in this volume) never lost the groove.

Clearly this book is cheesy. The whole series is cheesy – but I still think the books are great. Kevin Kwan packs this kitsch in a very charming way. It also has a wonderfully light writing style that makes it easy to stay tuned while reading at 600 pages.

Since this was my favorite part of the series, this time there is 5/5 ⭐ and a huge reading recommendation for the books!


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