Kiera Cass – The Crown Audiobook

Kiera Cass – The Crown Audiobook

The Crown Audiobook (The Selection # 5) Kiera Cass




I was really looking forward to reading these two volumes of the Selection, because I wanted to make my own opinion, because I was curious to discover the end of this series. I will keep fond memories of it and I must even say that I found these volumes 4 and 5 more interesting than the trilogy. They are really two good opus and they close the Selection very well, I would have liked another collection of short stories, just to know more about the boys. This may be my only regret.

Eadlyn is awesome. She is fascinating from start to finish, I quickly became attached to her, she will drool over it because of this imposed Selection, this crown that is very heavy to wear, popular revolts, this Marid … I have it. found very strong, touching, courageous, she keeps her head high and will experience a crazy evolution. I admit that she can be annoying and that she was rather bossy, distant and centered. If everyone seems to be spitting on her, no one seems to question America and Maxon. Bah, I’m going to do it. Because by dint of having hammered her that she was “Eadlyn Schraeve and that nobody is more important than me”, that she is the heiress, that she has to keep her head high, that a princess cannot must not be weak … they are the ones who made it like that.

I also did not understand how she was the heir to Ahren, who was able to take it easy by playing very quickly with her little French girl. I found Ahren and Josie much more revolting than Eadlyn. That she was born before him was by no means a valid excuse to give the crown, I wish the twins could grow up before deciding whether or not they wanted power. There, I would have found Maxon and America. It’s fine to abolish the castes, but they didn’t revolutionize royalty so much. Eadlyn will take care of it and the ending is just perfect. What she decides to do is just altruistic for her parents, wonderful for the people. In short, I really enjoyed this immersion in the heart of politics, it was so fascinating to see Eadlyn, Lady Brice and Maxon in power. I still appreciate seeing the couple Maxon / America again, seeing them twenty years later, with their family, their joys and their sorrows.

The Selection was very intense and fascinating to follow. Reading both books quickly allowed me to understand the incredible evolution of Eadlyn in contact with boys. It changes, it opens up, it gains in luminosity, in sensitivity; I think above all, she torpedoed this wall she built because of the crown. The boys were terrifying, horrifying, adorable, charming, unforgettable; the final choice is surprising and yet, until the end, I had doubts. Eadlyn is definitely breaking all the rules of the monarchy, it was great fun to see. I really liked Ean, Hale, Kile, as for Henri and Erik, they are my favorites. The secondary characters often surprised me and I was delighted to discover them over the pages, Gavril, Neena, the family of Marlee, that of America, the Princess of France (Camille). We have good characters there.

I took my time to discover them, Keira Cass’ style is simple, no frills, fluid; the text is therefore very easy to read, engaging and it is entertaining reading. I appreciated the intrigues developed which were for my part, very rich in twists. The events are linked at high speed sometimes, I would have liked more development, especially for volume 5. Volume 4 was perfect, it allowed to make the discovery, to lay the foundations, to see the changes taking shape, with a heartbreaking end. the last volume goes a little faster, there are things that I would have liked to know, that I would have liked to have looked into more thoroughly. Nevertheless, I have a real crush on this diptych on Eadlyn.

The point of view of our heroine in Kiera Cass – The Crown Audiobook offers us a beautiful panorama on her emotions, she knows a real emotional lift. I saw the anger, the hatred, the injustice, the disgust, the sadness, the fear, the love, the friendship, it is very rich in emotions. The descriptions give the most important, the reactions, the mistrust and the confidence, the questions, the palace and the policy, the doubts and the hope. I find the dialogues and descriptions give an interesting ending, I think there are even better things compared to the trilogy with America. The two novels are about love, politics, family, the media and their effects, the influence of the media on politics and love. I really enjoyed following Eadlyn just to understand how this all works and can come into your life to destroy it (or attempt to destroy it). It’s uplifting to see how scary it is.

In conclusion, The Heiress and The Crown are two very good books for me. Certainly there are flaws, such as a lack of depth for volume 5, hiccups about Eadlyn’s personality, a lack of info on boys, some easy scriptwriting tricks … Nevertheless, I had a good time reading time, I was asking to be entertained and I had a nice surprise. A fascinating heroine, interesting political changes, a Selection that questions us about love, about oneself and the upheavals that this implies. It was well written, pleasant to read. I am very sad to leave this universe, but I know that I could re-read it without problem in the future.