Sarah J. Maas – Kingdom of Ash Audiobook

Sarah J. Maas – Kingdom of Ash Audiobook

Kingdom of Ash Audiobook – (Throne of Glass Book#7)

That’s it. It is done. I just completed the “Throne of Glass” series. And the first thing I have to say is WOW! This saga will have blown me from the first to the last volume. And for me “Kingdom of Ash” is a perfect conclusion and at the height of such a series. I devoured this book of almost 1000 pages in less than a week and despite the thickness I was not bored for a single second. With such an imposing book we might have expected a few lengths but I couldn’t find any. Quite the contrary. The action, the revelations, the surprises and the emotions follow one another non-stop. After the end of the fifth volume and the revelation of the sixth I really did not know what to expect for our heroes, nor what was going to happen to their universe. As I progressed in the novel I began to get an idea … For it to be completely modified by yet another surprise. However, I should have known it since Sarah J.MAAS got us used to this from the first volume… I would not have expected the end that she reserved for us and I find it perfect. Sarah J. Maas – Kingdom of Ash Audiobook.

I had great difficulty closing this book and saying goodbye to the characters and to this universe that I have been in for more than two now. I will never forget Aelin, Rowan, Chaol, Dorian, Aedion, Lysandra and all the others. It is thanks to them that I fell in love with this series which enters directly into the top 3 of my favorite sagas of all time, just behind“Pacte des Marchombres” Pierre BOTTERO’s which is, and will remain my favorite fantasy saga .

One of the things I loved about “Throne of Glass” was that the more I got through the books the better they got. What is not easy to do when writing a saga of 7 volumes. However my favorite tome is definitely the third one since that’s where everything changes and things really fall into place. And then this is where several of my favorite characters appear…

The other point that I really liked and that I have already touched on several times is this duality between good and evil. No character is perfect. They all make mistakes and their behaviors aren’t always right but they don’t let that define them. Quite the contrary. Each of them will evolve in more or less profound ways and I found that great. I don’t like it when the characters get stuck in their ways and don’t question themselves or are too perfect.

The universe is absolutely great. Sarah J.MAAS has succeeded in creating a world from scratch and creating a story, mythologies, beliefs, customs and cultures that give the story impressive realism. I have rarely been so carried away in a universe as that of “Throne of Glass”. The descriptions are magnificent without being too heavy and I had no trouble imagining the landscapes or the scenes described by the author who has a pen that I find absolutely magnificent and truly poetic. Sarah J. Maas – Kingdom of Ash Audiobook.

As for the background story … Reading the first volume I never could have imagined getting there for the last. We are ten thousand leagues from what happened at the beginning and it’s great because in most fantasy or fantasy novels we generally know from the first volume how the saga will end (for example the confrontation inevitable between Harry and Voldemort in Harry Potter). But in “Throne of Glass”, we discover the elements little by little and it is only in volume 5 (or even 6) that we discover who really threatens the Empire and even there we still have a lot. of questions on how this will end. This is probably what makes the story so addicting. of not knowing what to expect… Sarah J. Maas – Kingdom of Ash Audiobook.

I’ll stop there now but I could go on for a long time on why and how I liked this series so much and what it means to me.

The only regret I have is that the publication in French has been interrupted because it is a series that deserves so much to be known… For those who would like to try the experience in English I advise you to have a good level because they are long books and the heroic-fantasy vocabulary is not the easiest to understand. But if you still want to try, I encourage you to do so all the more since Sarah J.penMAAS’s is absolutely superb and I think that it is inevitable to lose a little of this quality during the translation…

There you are, j ‘ve finished my talk. It is probably one of the longest columns I have been able to write. I haven’t necessarily developed a lot on this volume itself to avoid spoilers, but I had a lot to say about this series.

Besides, if you too have read it, don’t hesitate to leave me your opinion on it! (If there are Throne of Glass fans please let me know, there are hardly any of my friends who read this series and I would like to be able to talk to people about it…)