Cassandra Clare – Lady Midnight Audiobook

Cassandra Clare – Lady Midnight Audiobook

Lady Midnight Audiobook – (The Dark Artifices Book 1)

Don’t ask me why, but every time I want to start a new trilogy in the Shadowhunters saga, I hesitate … And yetnovels Cassandra Clare’s are among my favorites. Maybe the anguish of not loving, of seeing one of his favorite universes deteriorate and lose all its meaning … Who knows … Especially with The Princess of the Night, I had a great time. I loved it, even. And I will jump on the rest, without waiting.

Chronologically speaking, Renaissance takes place five years after the first two “main” trilogies. So I found it more logical to continue with the adventures of Emma and Julian, which I already enjoyed, moreover. When you are used to following the same heroes for six volumes, it is always difficult to leave them, but Cassandra Clare had prepared the transition well, introducing us to the Blackthorns and young Carstairs. And I thank him again, because it makes a big difference to reading. We find from time to time Clary, Jace, Magnus and Alec, among others, the break is not total and that for my greatest pleasure, but we also know our young new heroes. It is all the easier to slip into their daily lives, and to appreciate these new adventures. And although I was watching for any clue about the old ones, I got attached to this new team, as well as the new characters. So I’m totally ready for this trilogy. Cassandra Clare – Lady Midnight Audiobook.

What I particularly like about the Shadowhunters saga is that the author not only created a complex world with many rules and creatures, but in addition, she shreds it, evolves it, revolutionizes it. By that I mean that its mythology came to life several hundred years ago. It has its history, its past. We’ve already seen her change with Clary and Jace. We realized how cruel the Dark Hunters, however doomed for good, could be, especially through laws. They have that religious side, in and of themselves, with a well-defined framework of what a clan member should be, and if you step outside of the box … even a little … well, you can expect the worst. This lack of compassion and openness is difficult to grasp, especially for young people living in our time. For us, this is simply absurd. And the fact of manhandling his universe in this way, of trying to make it better, but by pointing my finger where it hurts, I find that … not daring, but it’s a little destroying his baby in a way. And I love it, because we are indignant, of course, but it is also the way to see a population grow and try to gradually repair its mistakes. Not to mention that Cassandra explains well, in a coherent and plausible way, the why of the decisions, whether they are good or bad. Whether it is about Mark and Helen, Emma and Julian, Ty, Arthur … We enter with depth into the foundations of the universe, without realizing it and without it being boring.

The overall plot is also gripping, unsurprisingly. Especially since the mystery about the death of Emma’s parents is perhaps a mystery that will find answers. Ritual murders, the Little People who make their own, suspicious individuals, lies and unspoken galore. I wasn’t bored for a single second. When it comes to emotions, it’s a roller coaster ride. There are intertwined subplots, many characters, but then again, I didn’t feel lost or overwhelmed.

It must be said that for me, the great asset of Cassandra Clare, and not only in The Princess of the Night, but in all of her novels, is her panel of characters. We may have demon hunters in front of us, but they are not potential heroes à la Superman, without any flaws. And that’s why I appreciate them. Julian is the very example. At first glance, the ideal son-in-law, a good boy in every way, but get to know him and you will discover all the nuances of his personality. A child who has grown up too quickly, who is devoured by the love he has for others and with a significant shadow. Emma is, for me, more perfect, but she is nonetheless interesting. Cassandra Clare – Lady Midnight Audiobook.

I find in her a lot of Jace, and we also make the remark. And unlike the only negative point that I will quote just below, it is not something unpleasant to me. This ardor, this desire to surpass oneself, this abnegation for those she loves… She is this heroine that we would like to meet more often, still very young, of course, but with enormous potential. And I will stop with our two heroes, otherwise this chronicle will never stop.

I quickly come back to the one thing I could say bad about The Night Princess, and seeing a cursed romance once again. It’s done very well, and I remain hopeful because Cassandra Clare is a trusted author at this level, but I feel like I’m reliving the story of Clary and Jace. And that’s the only thing I can fault here. We are, however, only at the beginning, and I have no doubt that this element has something more complex and interesting to bring to us. But what do you want, I already love these characters so much that I only want them to be happy.

A crush for me, which warms my heart, because I see a saga growing that I adore and always brilliantly. I can not wait to discover the sequel that I have on hand, fortunately.