Lauren K. Denton – The Hideaway Audiobook

Lauren K. Denton – The Hideaway Audiobook

The Hideaway Audiobook – By Lauren K. Denton




Lauren K. Denton – The Hideaway Audiobook is a charming Southern novel about a dilapidated Victorian house that had the life-changing power of two women who desperately needed something more.



In January 1960, twenty-year-old Margaret VanBuren leaves behind her unfaithful husband and their three-year marriage. She didn’t know where she was going, she just knew she had to escape. She ends up in Sweet Bay, Alabama, at Lauren K. Denton – The Hideaway Audiobook, a bed and breakfast that had seen better days. She finds her happiness there among a heterogeneous team of artists and tenants in constant evolution.


These days Sara Jenkins owns a thriving antique store in New Orleans and loves the Big Easy. Sara receives a call from Sweet Bay informing her that her grandmother, Mag’s, has passed away. She goes home to make arrangements. She shockingly learns that Mags bequeathed her Lauren K. Denton – The Hideaway Audiobook and commissioned her to renovate it. Considering the condition of the house and the tenants who live there, this is no small feat. While cleaning up, Sara discovers a box in the attic with surprising clues about her grandmother’s life. With the help of Mag’s friends, Sara recreates a mysterious life of bravery, passion and choice that changed Mag’s fate.


When an opportunistic real estate developer threatens to take over Lauren K. Denton – The Hideaway Audiobook by eminent domain, Sarah is forced to make a choice. She could stay in Sweet Bay and fight for the house and the people she’s grown to love or leave and return to her successful but lonely life in New Orleans.



Lauren K. Denton – The Hideaway audiobook is creatively told from the two intertwined perspectives of Mag and Sara. The writing is smooth and easy, and you’ll turn pages incredibly fast. I loved the plot and all the characters. A great book for a cool afternoon with a tall glass of sweet tea.


A few things in the book caught my attention that I just couldn’t reconcile. The ease and speed of the eminent domain process and the lack of a legal fight was totally unrealistic, and my lawyer friends will shake their heads. The other issue was when the former owner of the house Mrs. DeBerry left she just disappeared in the dark of night, she didn’t sell the house to Mags so was Mag even the legal owner of the House? How else could she leave the house to Sara in her will. Maybe I missed something. But whatever my troubles Lauren K. Denton – The Hideaway Audiobook is a solid debut novel by LAUREN K. DENTON.