Leigh Bardugo – Shadow And Bone Audiobook

Leigh Bardugo – Shadow And Bone Audiobook

Shadow And Bone Audiobook (Grisha #1) – By Leigh Bardugo



It had been a while since I wanted to embark on the Grisha trilogy, and after two bookish disappointments, I said to myself that it was time to find a universe that had pleased me, as well as a brilliant author. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Having discovered Six of Crows first, I had a notion of what the Grishas were, but my reading going up a bit, the memories were very, very hazy! Whatever, so I started!

I really liked the whole thing. I was apprehensive about some of the reviews, but frankly, I was caught in the story right away. the only small flaw I could find with this first volume is that some events were very predictable. It’s not a big deal in itself, and frankly, I think when you’re a heavy reader it becomes quite difficult to be surprised. But anticipating so easily can also spoil a reading a bit. I say “a little”. Because really, I had a hard time letting go of the novel.

The universe is worked, with a certain complexity that we are learning to tame little by little. There are specific terms to the story, a busy past, but I didn’t feel drowned. Alina is therefore a very good character who helps us navigate and learns at the same time as us. It’s always something that I appreciate because in addition to finding the process more easily assimilated, there is also this connection which is made with the hero.

Let’s talk about the characters. Alina… I don’t know if I got attached to her, which is kind of weird. I like her a lot because she evolves and she is different from these very strong and sure female characters that we see more and more. It’s more real in a way, and I found it very interesting to watch it evolve. It is especially in the acceptance that it plays a big role, and we can see very well what it can do to a human being to accept what he is as much physically as psychologically. For my part, this is not something that I often see in literature. I have a big weakness for Genya who is not yet exploited too much, but we feel a great potential. Mal… is too stereotypical for me, even though he’s still adorable. the big strong point remains the Darkling. I was fooled, more or less… but I admit that he is a very interesting character because of his different facets and his psychology (something that I love!). I also can’t wait to see what Leigh Bardugo does with it. There is such potential in him, and it’s quite original, especially given his place in the narrative.

The Leigh Bardugo story – Shadow And Bone Audiobook is classic enough for fantasy, although the universe is rich, and again, it’s not something negative. I see it as a personal quest but also a world to understand, tame and save. There are also a lot of nuances. This is something the author seems to like a lot, and I find it great. The motivations of each do not necessarily seem good or bad because we get to see all of their history and their thinking. Power struggles, politics, oppression… We quickly feel that the Grishas are at a point in their history when everything is going to change for the worse or for the better. And their destinies are also linked to other peoples. It is not only Alina whose adventure we follow, there is a dimension much larger than that.

Grisha’s first volume, The Orphans of the Kingdom, is therefore a success for me. There are all the ingredients I love, and a solid, well-executed plot. The characters are also interesting and the Alina / Darkling “duo” promises some pretty intense moments. My fingers are now crossed for my reading of volume two, which is often below in a trilogy, but let’s keep faith!