Liane Moriarty – The Husband’s Secret Audiobook

Liane Moriarty – The Husband’s Secret Audiobook

The Husband’s Secret Audiobook – By Liane Moriarty




Here is a novel which did not look like the house of the Press of La Clusaz, with the gnangnan title, with the silly cover, with the summary a hundred times read, and whose rehashed planetary success did not prove its quality a priori. And yet!


Welcome to Melbourne, Victoria the place to be, it’s written on the car license plates. Its neighborhoods as far as the eye can see of houses all on one level, there is no shortage of space on the island continent, their gardens in wide open spaces without fencing, its mothers of families very voluntarily invested in private schools and often Cathos of their children, preparing breakfasts with Vegemite, this black paste with the taste and texture of molasses mixed with tar, and delicious cakes with sesame oil. Cecilia Fitzpatrick belongs to this category of women, middle class, a good and handsome husband earning a decent living, three daughters. Her life seems set in stone, hermetically sealed in a Tupperware box that doesn’t let out bad smells, and which she successfully trades.


If there had not been a grain of sand to dynamite this perfect family organization, Liane Moriarty would not even have needed to write a novel, because it is the life of millions of people, of couples, of couples. families that she addresses in the first chapters, with a nimble and humorous pen but known to all. The grain of sand is called Esther, she is one of the three daughters of the Fitzpatrick couple. It has the particularity of developing fads. After the dinosaurs, she is interested in the history of the Berlin Wall, from its erection to its dismantling, and obsessively collects all the information likely to enrich her historical knowledge. This is how Cecilia goes up to the attic to look for a piece of the shameful wall she bought during a teenage trip to Germany to give it to her little girl. While doing so, she discovers a letter written and then forgotten by John-Paul, her husband: “not to be opened until after my death”.


To open ? Do not open ? There is not the question (Cecilia opens) since one can quickly guess what contains this pre-posthumous letter.


Rightly or wrongly, I found that this Liane Moriarty – The Husband’s Secret Audiobook bathes in a religious atmosphere. Its seven parts correspond to the seven days of Holy Week, from Monday to Easter Sunday. The Catholic children’s school occupies an important place, including through the death of a good sister officiating there, the interventions of a priest, the evocations of Masses, dot the story here and there. And it is good, it is only my opinion, a questioning on the meaning of their faith and their morals that offer us to share Cecilia, “Catholic to the tips of her nails” (p. 103) and the two others main and female characters of the story, Tess and Rachel, both in search of answers to existential questions which may concern God since without human answer. With sensitivity, lightness, humor, Liane Moriarty asks serious questions about mourning, adultery, sexuality, forgiveness, absolution, the weight of family secrets and the meaning of family. But perhaps the most essential of all is this: can we expiate, pay, monetize, and if so how, a fault committed some twenty years earlier?


Liane Moriarty provides an attempt at an open response in the last pages of her novel, masterful, which allows each reader to give his personal and intimate, according to his convictions. A great novel that doesn’t look like it. But he has the words …