Yann Martel – Life of Pi Audiobook

Yann Martel – Life of Pi Audiobook


Life of Pi Audiobook – By Yann Martel

Life of Pi traces the extraordinary journey of a young boy of seventeen who miraculously survives a shipwreck in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This story is reminiscent of both the myth of Noah’s Ark atthe Odyssey ofHomer and Robinson Crusoe.


The dramatic and spectacular shipwreck is the key element, the pivot of the story. the novel then relates the forced cohabitation of Pi and a Bengal tiger during long days of maritime wandering. The work of Yann Martel becomes an initiatory novel plunges the hero in a questioning of humanity’s relationship with God and animals. the debate between man and animal, the animality in man, the circumstances which can make us deny our most intimate convictions, the others which can make us act in the most terrible way … clash in Pi. He who, against his father’s advice, has chosen to be at the same time Hindu, Christian and Muslim, will question God several times during his drift in order to understand the meaning of this daily struggle that he must lead against the elements, against the tiger and against itself. When the beast, genetically carnivorous, spares its companion in misfortune and seems to humanize itself a little, the event is not trivial for Pi. But when he tells his story to the insurers of the wrecked liner, they will not believe him. . Forced to offer another version of the facts, more credible but also darker, he nevertheless leaves room for doubt, suggesting that fundamentally the truth is not in the facts, but rather in the sense that we give to stories that are told… Such is the stake of this fantastic philosophical fable.


This story reads like a superbly narrated tale and captivates with its depth, humor and drama. The clear and poetic writing of the author enchants us throughout the 470 pages of the story. As for Pi, he is particularly well portrayed and possesses a psychological depth similar to that of the mythical heroes.


The story and the style will be appreciated by children from 11-12 years old but the philosophical scope of this story will only really be appreciated by much more mature readers.


Funny experience, before immersing myself in this novel I did not really know what to expect and I was a little afraid of being bored … A man and a tiger on a boat, difficult to hold reading with that. But when I finished it, only one word occurred to me: masterful! I don’t think I can better describenew little gem Yann Martel’s. We are captivated by emotions from the beginning and the end and we finally get attached to the characters. I did not expect at all to appreciate this naive hero who bathes us in religious stories. But this side takes a back seat quite quickly and ultimately fits perfectly into the novel.

The book traces the youth of a young Indian and his strong moments, his education by his parents but also of various religions (recurring theme and superbly treated here) to which he will adhere little by little. We must wait a few chapters before the shipwreck arrives, Martel takes his time, the time to lay the foundations, to become attached to the characters and to present his magical world to us. But this aspect reaches its peak during the sinking of the ship and what follows, and we enter completely into this fantastic tale, an improbable journey begins and the adventures follow one another. This deeply philosophical story of tolerance and friendship literally transports us elsewhere, supported by a description of great beauty.

Believe the incredible you say? Nothing impossible since that is the case, the real / unreal mixture works so well that Life of Pi manages to make everything foolish, plausible. But for very down-to-earth people, don’t worry, the novel is also made for you, especially the last chapters, a real torrent of emotion.

I would say that the strength of the novel lies in the themes tackled, as diverse as they are well treated, Yann Martel touches on everything, from hope to fear through religion, the novel could be qualified as “philosophical”. In fact, it touches on what is oldest in humans: telling a story. To the great mythological and religious stories which are ultimately only stories telling the world. Here Martel gives us a modern fable about life, about oneself; it depicts for us the overcoming of one’s condition, as well as the human reaction to the drama and the ordeal. Lesson of life, survival, and faith. Between reality and imagination, this novel makes us dream and makes us sad with its dramatic story.

Last but not least, this novel is a real interrogation on the religion or religions, those which divide us, us Human Beings, instead of uniting us in one and the same momentum. Undoubtedly one of the best books I have read, Life of Pi is much more than a survival book, combining beautiful shots and a moving story, this little gem is to read and reread.


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