John Green – Looking For Alaska Audiobook

John Green – Looking For Alaska Audiobook

Looking For Alaska Audiobook John Green

I just finished the book, so I’m writing this hot review.

My first impression: it makes you wonder if John Green is really an adult. His way of PILE raising the good and big questions of adolescence … it’s amazing. He’s the only author I know who can write like he’s a teenager, a real one. His books have absolutely nothing to do with all those Twilight novels that you see everywhere. Him, he treats adolescence perfectly, with all these moments of madness, discovery and above all, above all!, Questions. He has this sensitivity, while being of a disconcerting reality … We come out changed from his books, saying to ourselves “But what am I superficial (the)!” And continuing to be …

This isfourth book John Green’s that I read, the first being Our Fault Stars and which I think is second to none. Then I read The Hidden Side of Margo and then The Katherine Theorem, both ofwhich I liked moderately. I told myself that I will not reread it … and finally I read John Green – Looking For Alaska Audiobook ?.

So imagine a resounding slap that hurts a lot and leaves a beautiful scarlet mark on your sore cheek. It’s just the feeling I got when I finished the last few lines in italics …

I don’t even have words to describe it.

It’s … an explosion of feelings, of naturalness, of reality. A cocktail of endearing characters all different and yet so identical, a sad and happy story, little details that make you laugh and cry. Who give you the chips.

The story is told by Miles Halter, a young 16-year-old teenager, who is about to have the best year of his life. I really liked this character. He does not take himself for a handsome kid (which he is not), he is realistic, he has humor, he reflects and through his eyes, we discover the impressions of adolescence. Love, being angry, holding a grudge, being afraid, etc. Then there are plenty of secondary characters (well not that secondary) who intervene, such as the Colonel, Alaska, Takumi or even Lara. I adored them all, each for different reasons but also for a completely identical reason: they are HUMANS, they are TEENAGERS. Despite certain passages that are a bit ambiguous, I have always understood them. John Green – Looking For Alaska Audiobook.

I also like it when the authors slip a few humorous phrases into their novels; in fact, it’s all those little touches of, of … humanity (sorry, I’m repeating myself) that make books ALIVE (the passage when Miles, uh sorry, Fat Man, vomits on Lara is rather not wrong !).

The writing is fluid, sometimes a little rough (but that’s okay, it’s a teenage story, not old shnocks!) As well as it can be quite sustained at times. In short, we understand everything … or almost.

I was really turned around at the end of Part 1 “Before”. Because I had already guessed what was going to happen, although I PRAYED that it wasn’t what I thought. Well for once I would have preferred not to be right! I had it in the corner …

I lived the story as much as the characters, hence the art of John Green.

In summary, this book is a READ. He should be next on the list for film adaptation (I hope!). However, despite all the praise I have given, I can completely understand that one does not appreciate. In fact, it’s as simple as that: John Green, we like it or we hate it (well most of the time, we love it!), There is no “I don’t like it too much”.

Either way, I’ll be happy to discuss your thoughts on this book with you. 😉