Maggie Stiefvater – The Dream Thieves Audiobook

Maggie Stiefvater – The Dream Thieves Audiobook

The Dream Thieves Audiobook – (Raven Cycle Book 2)




Ahhh! I must admit that things seemed much less complicated to me with Thieves of Dreams. Now I know what a Ley line is, who Glendower is and in this sequel we even learn a little more about the mysteries surrounding the magical forest of Cabeswater. I was even rather impatient to find Blue and the boys, to know a little more about each one of them and also to better understand the relations which bind them and in particular the one which took shape between Adam and Blue during the first opus. And I was not disappointed…

Like the first volume I had some difficulty entering this new story. Between dreams and reality, I did not immediately grasp Ronan’s capacity (although it was already announced to us in volume 1…). It’s the same for Adam, I had some misunderstandings about the changes made in him since his solo escapade in Cabeswater. Fortunately these two small negative points are quickly forgotten when we start the second third of the novel. Because this second volume is much more provided in twists and turns and actions, the danger is much more present. He watches in several ways our heroes who do not hesitate to put themselves in danger to help each other and this despite some disagreements. And yes our four crows must have had a hard time understanding each other in this suite !! Ronan’s past is appalling but also fascinating, this character conceals surprise and behind his unsympathetic scorched head mask finally hides an interesting being with a lot of quality. This novel revolves a lot around Ronan and his power, he is clearly part of the plot of this second opus, he is the hero of the story! Adam when with him irritated me more than once, these mood swings (incomprehensible at the beginning) and his way of withdrawing into himself despite the help and the friendship that his entourage deploys me well exasperated. I felt sorry for him but I ended up not understanding his inner dilemma and we can say that he makes up for it well towards the end … Gansey true to himself, intelligent, understanding and ready to do anything to save his friends… I was scared to death at the idea that Blue’s vision of the path of the dead at the beginning of the first volume would be fulfilled… Noah makes a few appearances, he is hardly present but his character remains important. Blue also asserts herself with her friends, she begins to see what she really wants and this makes her suffer a lot. Because she does not wish to create discord between the boys but above all and above all because she refuses to see the prophecy concerning the fate of her first love come true. Her mother, her aunt and cousins ​​always bring so much to the story, their exchanges are always funny, funny situations, Mara has more than one trick up her sleeve, she surprised me a lot !!

To help his friends, Gansey has no choice but to put Glendower’s quest aside. But be careful, this does not mean that the esoteric and magical side of this story is also … far from it! It is even amplified thanks to the surprising power of Ronan. Noah rode from time to time, unable to control his appearances due to his state of ghost, his interventions sometimes give quite funny and strange situations to the novel. Just like the Domaine des Granges which reminded me a lot of Sleeping Beauty’s castle… but shhhhh! (I won’t say more !!)

I found the style and writing of Maggie Stiefvater – The Dream Thieves Audiobook  much fluid in this second volume than in the first. I even found a little of its poetic side that I had loved so much in the Frisson trilogy… A big hurray! And finally the prophecy of the kiss begins to make speak about it….

In short: Thieves of Dreams is an excellent sequel, much less confusing than the first volume and much more plentiful. Between fiction and reality, the reader follows the adventures of five personalities who are totally opposite but undoubtedly faithful to each other. The magic extended in this story captivates us and sets the tone from the first chapters. And at the end we ask for more and I have the impression that the return of Glendower will be in the third opus already eagerly awaited for me !!!