Marie Lu – Champion Audiobook

Marie Lu – Champion Audiobook

Champion Audiobook (Legend Series#3) – By Marie Lu





Always in my perspective of finishing the literary series that I have in my PAL, I finally attacked the last volume of Legend. Marie Lu had left us at a crucial moment of a new revolution and I was eager to know what the author planned for his end of dystopia.

Overall, I was not disappointed with this last volume. It is up to the saga even if I would have liked to know a little more politically and strategically, especially as regards the “bad guys”, namely the Colonies. Difficult to set up when the narrators are our two heroes, I agree. But in the end, it’s really a small detail.

So we find June and Day, separated now for several months. June prepares for her new post as princeps, which doesn’t exactly enchant her, as Day fights for her life. Seeing them separated from the start is pretty hard. When we think of all that these two teenagers have gone through, we hope for a little respite … Afterwards, the wait for the reunion is not very long, but the author still manages to make us feel this absence. The feelings of the two protagonists are extremely well developed, and it is surprisingly easy to put yourself in each other’s shoes. This is an aspect that I particularly liked, especially in this last volume.

If the internal war at the level of the Republic has been stifled, another is brewing outside. the world, and the United States in particular, is so unstable that it would have been difficult to imagine anything else. It is also an escalation from the very beginning. We go from a rebellion of a small group, to an urban guerrilla, to end in a war between nations. An evolution which is going crescendo and which I found very realistic in the treatment. As much at the political level as regards the Republic as at the level of the reactions of the inhabitants. Between the treacheries due to the change of power, and the decisions that must be taken, the protagonists are on the alert and it’s a bit of a roller coaster in terms of emotions.

The development of the plot, rather complex given the various subjects discussed, passes like a letter in the mail. No missteps for me. I found the author’s point of view ingenious and the characters are quite up to the task too. Because, in the end, everything is played with our heroes. Day and June are more mature and have a vision of the world that has exploded. They can no longer be satisfied with their little universes from the first volume. They also have to make choices. Can we sacrifice a person for the good of all? Especially if this person is a loved one? Do you have to sacrifice yourself, go against your ideas and your hopes to win a war? Do we reflect our parents or those who raised us? So many difficult and yet essential questions in this last volume.

The two heroes of Marie Lu – Audiobook Champion are up to the task, throughout the story. I loved them from start to finish. But Mairie Lu has also created secondary characters that hit the mark. Anden who has the responsibility of a nation but also the shadow of his father on the shoulders. Eden who grows up and begins to want to make her own choices. Tess who does a lot of things and still swings between childhood and adulthood. Pascao, our lively patriot who often alleviates situations with his humor. A nice panel.

The end now. I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially considering what we learn about Day in book two. Being a great optimist, I greatly hoped that Marie Lu would find a favorable outcome for our heroes. However, I was apprehensive with the penultimate chapter. A hard blow which, however, with the following chapter gives a perfect conclusion. I absolutely loved it. We are entitled to a ten-year bond and a quick view of the relationships and changes that have taken place. And frankly, I closed the last volume with a smile, without that feeling that keeps us from time to time when we have to leave heroes. This feeling of no end and dread for their future. The last sentences are full of hope and I don’t need more.