Marie Lu – Legend Audiobook

Marie Lu – Legend Audiobook

Legend Audiobook – (Legend Series Book #1)




What can we say about Legend, other than that it’s arguably one of the best dystopias I’ve read, despite the genre’s near-stifling expansion at the moment.

A clever mix between The Hunger Games, Divergent and Delirium, Legend has almost no fault to reproach its author, Marie Lu.

Read in one go, his story is captivating, thrilling and flawless. the only slight defect which I only dwell on with great difficulty is the ease of guessing certain points.

I will therefore have nothing but praise for this story which has almost as much to me as The Hunger Games, my dystopian bible.

The story of Marie Lu – Legend Audiobook takes up the usual plot: a totalitarian government, an elite opposed to significant poverty, a heroine indoctrinated by her upper class who gradually becomes aware of the reality of her world and decides to rebel . But the big difference between all these dystopias is that the heroine is here flanked by a hero, just as endearing and brave, that we discover in depth thanks to the alternation of the chapters, told from the point of view of the ‘one or the other.

This can be used in addition to the first person narrative to enter the thoughts of June and Day (the main protagonists) and to follow their actions and thoughts.

June lived among the elite, orphaned by parents, she lives with her brother, a senior soldier in the pay of the government. Following perfect results in the exam which will determine your place in the society governed by the voter. A little prodigy, she entered higher education at the age of 15 and seemed to be a future soldier serving her government with fervor and dexterity. She has never really asked herself questions, but that does not mean that she does not use her incredible intelligence by carrying out acts which qualify as rebellious. Because June wants only one thing, to serve her country as well as possible by accomplishing exploits worthy of the criminals who mar the monarchy. as a result, she trains at the expense of authorized exercises to beat the exploits of the most wanted criminal, Day.

The story begins with Day, a 15-year-old young man of the same age as June, but who has not lived the same life as June. Highly intelligent, however, he failed his exam, and after running away and being considered dead, he leads a renegade life on the underprivileged streets, doing disturbing deeds against the government. A sort of Robin Hood in this post apocalyptic world, he is loath to join the patriots, the elector’s great enemies. Ingenious, thoughtful and go-getter, this endearing hero has it all. Sensitive and with principles that sometimes get him more trouble than anything else, he does not hesitate to sacrifice everything for those who deserve it and thus collects a little orphan named Tess whom he pulls from the clutches of the street and takes under his wing.

Following the assassination of June’s brother, everything suggests that Day is the culprit. This is how June sets off on a relentless hunt to find him. This is how following various events, they will meet without knowing anything about their respective identity and be attracted to a point of almost no return.

The other characters all have an important role, the author only attached herself to the essential elements of her story, which will move it forward without taking the reader in detours that could have made the story lose its breath.

Because it is still a great approval given to Marie Lu, she does not repeat herself, everything is clear and well defined, she adorns her story and her characters with intelligence and reflections that are lacking in most of the current dystopias where heroines are quite slow in their advancement. The story although short (well not that much but it was so quick to read…), is structured wonderfully.

Rarely have I been so enthusiastic about reading a novel, the sequel will be hard to wait and I can’t wait to see where and how the author continues the evolution of the characters and elements that she has expertly put into place. place in this magnificent first volume.