Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children Audiobook

Ransom Riggs – Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children Audiobook

Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children Audiobook




Coercion is most often a productive crutch: the proof is this novel, fantastic, intended for young people, but also very pleasant for a more mature readership.


What constraint is it? Well the author has gathered a few dozen old photos which, thanks to a rough editing, suggested the existence of supernatural phenomena: levitation, extraordinary strength, intra-bodily cohabitation with bees, invisibility: the Marvels before the hour, supported by rudimentary special effects.


From these photos, the author imagined characters and built the story that could serve as a backdrop, and it is frankly successful. Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children Audiobook .


Jacob is a teenager who has always been fascinated by the stories his grandfather tells him. When the latter dies in dramatic and violent circumstances, the thesis of the accident does not suit Jacob. Especially since the old man whispered to him at the time of his death a few cryptic words, which will make their way into the young boy’s mind.


It is not the opinion of the psychiatrist who regularly sees Jacob, to try to relieve him of his delusional tendencies (didn’t he think he saw a monster flee after having killed his grandfather?) That will make him change. of opinion, he will travel to England on a small island, in search of a bird. Good or bad news, his father will accompany him: is he not an ornithologist? No choice, it’s with dad or not at all…


This is where the adventure will begin, and that the last words of the grandfather will take all their meaning.



If the beginning of a story is well anchored in reality (it’s clear the grandfather is crazy and the kid a little too easily influenced and imaginative, and the shrinks are there to put some order in all that), it is gradually that the elements suggest that the fantastic world is not so far, until Jacob discovers its doors, and crosses them, at the risk of creating transfers between the two universes, with all the dangers that this entails.


Monsters, time loops, supernatural powers: all these concepts are present to plunge Jacob into thrilling adventures, well enough written to delight several generations of readers.


The magic operates, I let myself be carried away by the story and that Tim Burton seizes the subject to make a film can only herald a success (I hope not to be disappointed) on the big screen.


For the rest, let’s hope that the author will have avoided the trap of excessive special effects…



It would be a shame not to mention the beauty of the object: yes, the digital reader that I am, although the digital version is available, succumbed to the quality of the paper, the elegance of the typography, the photo inserts and the style of the cover