Agatha Christie – Murder On The Orient Express Audiobook

Agatha Christie – Murder On The Orient Express Audiobook

Murder On The Orient Express Audiobook – Agatha Christie





After a resolute mission, Hercule Poirot must return to London as quickly as possible. Thanks to the help of Mr. Bouc, administrator of the train company, our detective easily finds a place in a car of the Orient Express which is strangely full. In the Stamboul-Calais carriage, Hercules cannot help but observe the passengers who all come from different countries and classes. One of them, Mr. Ratchett, is quite odious to him.

During the trip of Agatha Christie – Murder On The Orient Express Audiobook, this Mr. Ratchett is murdered with twelve stab wounds. the train being blocked by the snow, nobody having been able to enter or leave, it is quickly established that the assassin is among the passengers of the car …. Hercule Poirot leads the investigation.🚂


When you ask a ordinary person to quote you a title ofAgatha Christie, you have a good chance that the Crime of the Orient Express is cited. This is due in large part to the various adaptations for film and television, but also to its plot based on two real facts: the kidnapping of little Armstrong is reminiscent of the Lindberg affair at the time and a train from a company English was blocked by the snow. Agatha Christie only fused the two facts together and added her personal touch.

The Crime of the Orient-Express was a great success in the work of Agatha because of the subject tackled (murder of a child), but also of the conflictual situation in which his hero finds himself faced with this assassination of Mr Ratchett . Here, it is not only a question of tracking down a criminal, but of deciding whether the culprit (s) have exceeded the rules of life in society.


The big pluses of this book are the variety of characters, the possible motives and this camera in the middle of nowhere. Here, Hercule Poirot, like the reader, finds himself faced with his moral judgment without being able to rely on the slightest authority. the narrative and emotional result is even stronger.


Hercule Poirot, who came to solve a case in Aleppo, thinks of doing some sightseeing in Istanbul on his return.

At the hotel, he receives a telegram which calls him back to London.

He reserves a train ticket, he will travel on board the Orient-Express.

At the restaurant, he meets his friend Mr Bouc who will also be back with him.

In the train, during the night, Mr. Ratchett, a rich American is killed with twelve stab wounds.

The famous detective will investigate with the help of Doctor Constantine and Mr Bouc, director of the railway company.

They find out that Ratchett is actually Cassetti, the ugly guy who kidnapped little Daisy Armstrong for a large ransom. The affair had ended in a horrible drama.

Very quickly, a heavy atmosphere sets in because Poirot suspects one of the travelers of having committed the murder.

The plot will be skillfully conducted with meticulous detail that emerges better on second reading, the first dating from the late 1970s, with a film adaptation years after.

I will not go see the film which is currently playing because “too much” is “too much” but I don’t regret reading it.

When I first read it, my elders told me thatAgatha Christie was inspired by the drama of the kidnapping ofchild Charles Lindbergh’s.

What is also remarkable are the details the author gives about the train and its facilities to lead to her conclusions.

A very well constructed book, very well written, without unnecessary details and which makes me want to reread the works of this great lady of the thriller.

I am rereading, moreover, “Ten little niggers“.


To conclude: To read if it is not already done. And for those who have read it already, reading it again won’t hurt.