William Gibson – Neuromancer Audiobook

William Gibson – Neuromancer Audiobook

Neuromancer Audiobook – By William Gibson

“Short-term science fiction that explores the impact of advanced technologies, including computers, in all aspects of daily life. Atmosphere marked by rock culture and frequent flirtation with crime fiction.

“Thisquote from the catalog of the future presence illustrates perfectly the universe which cyberpunk Neuromancer, Gibson’s first book, is the founding work.

Awarded upon its release by the Hugo, Nebula and PK Dick prizes, this novel takes place between Hong Kong, Atlanta and London.


Chase is a former pirate of the Matrix, the universe he defines as “a consensual hallucination”. After the destruction of his nervous system by one of his employers, he now survives on alcohol and drugs and is involved in several trafficking in organs and computer equipment. As he prepares to cross the point of no return in this spiral of self-destruction, he is offered a new birth: the possibility of returning to the matrix “for the disembodied exultation” that it provides, “the body is meat. ”


Neuromancer, ”the boy said, narrowing his large gray eyes at the rising sun. The way to the land of the dead. Where you are now, my friend. »

Oh the novel that changes! It upsets, it hits. You have to let yourself be carried away, not to try to understand everything with each word; waste of time and energy. But in a universe where things go by at the speed of a breaking wave, you have to use the elements and not go against it. You have to let yourself slip from one image to another, from one time to another, from one place to another in a fraction of a second. I understood certain sequences or terms … after the fact, and it’s kiffant especially for the tech-savvy that I am.

I’m not saying, moreover, that I understood the technical meaning but the idea, and that was more than enough for me to follow the story, even though it was not a linear access. anyway i’m sure some of the terms were invented by William Gibson. We immerse ourselves, we surf, we follow Case in his successive stalls with the help of his acolytes and the rhythm imposes the structure of the story. I think that with more time, a second reading should be just as interesting to capture even more information, subtleties left behind in cyberspace.


An experience apart … It is ultimately quite rare to find such an innovative opus.

As long as we get into the style, into the history, we take real pleasure in discovering this different conception of the Sf.

There is no space opera here, or any other recurring figure of the genre.

The story is very intelligent, elaborate, the author knows where he is going and he deploys a whole universe which can surprise but which in the end turns out to be fascinating.

A work to discover for its audacity.