Alexandra Bracken – Never Fade Audiobook

Alexandra Bracken – Never Fade Audiobook

Never Fade Audiobook – (The Darkest Minds, #2) By Alexandra Bracken

Rather rare with a second volume of a trilogy, I found the path to truth even more sympathetic than the first. Usually, there is often a drop in level, a kind of relaxation before the grand finale, but there, not at all. There is even an acceleration of the pace, with very little downtime. I hope the third will at least be up to par, if not even better. Answer very soon, since I will end the saga immediately. I’m not going to make the suspense last any longer after the end we got here, though.

I was a little scared at the start. the group we had followed in the first volume was broken up, and only Ruby remained. It was a bit like starting from scratch, and more with the League, which I personally do not carry in my heart. a renewal that gives a fresh boost but at the same time puts off a little, if you know what I mean. Yet there is a lot of good that comes out of this experience. And I did not expect it. Alexandra Bracken – Never Fade Audiobook.

A first good surprise then. Ruby is confronted with another “reality”. Harder, more raw where she has to make choices that sometimes go beyond what her conscience can accept. She’s at war, she’s a soldier, she must survive. the fact that she is also able to control her power better gives her more power. She “succumbs” but unlike Clancy, Ruby’s morality always takes precedence. She feels this euphoria of power and at the same time, she is horrified by what she is able to do. Her character is evolving a lot and it’s very interesting to see these new facets and the way she juggles with them. Ruby is not a wonder woman, and that’s good. His doubts and fears are also his strength.

We also meet three characters: Vida, Jude and Cole. Vida is quite nice even if at first her side is a little hotheaded and fits into the caricature. But you get to know her and she opens up. leaving the fold of the League and meeting other young people helps a lot. Jude is also a member of the League. About fifteen years old but the behavior of a ten year old child. Quite exasperating, especially in the sense that the teenager has no survival instinct, does what he wants and has no maturity. It forms a real contrast with the other characters. A naive innocence that even Zu didn’t have. As if he was the hope, in some way, that Psi could still be children despite the sudden horrors. Cole, Liam’s older brother, is arguably the most charismatic of all. He overshadows his brother from the start, even though he doesn’t appear much in the end. And I hope it will be a more developed character in the last volume because he hides his game well and I would like to see his psychology be further developed.

We also find many other characters. Chubs and Liam in particular. I rather like what the author chose to do with our two heroes. There is an evolution and at the same time, we find the characters that we had known. Which is not quite the case with Ruby. Cate too. I had great mistrust of this adult who was too “honeyed” to be true at the start, but again, a developmental success. She does not appear enough for my taste to have a clear opinion, however. This is a bit the problem of the rebellious universe. Paranoia sets in and very quickly reaches the reader and contaminates him.

From the perspective of the overall situation of our heroes, I would say that nothing really changes. We are witnessing more of a journey, once again, which will lead to another change at the end. Same scenario if I can say that the first volume. However, we explore more the “adult” side of the story. Let me explain. We meet leaders who have directly or indirectly led to all this. Others who feel so inferior to the Psi that they decide to eradicate them. Long live the misplaced inferiority complex … And then also others who want to help. The palette widens and expands.

The atmosphere is also more tense. If the first volume was a kind of camera materialized by Betty for a large part (the van in which our four friends were traveling), here I had the impression that reality had really fallen on teenagers’ noses. There are a lot of twists and turns and events happening, accentuating the dramatic side. And that is not too much, if I may say so. We are in an almost post-apocalyptic universe, with open warfare. danger lurks all the time. You can’t take a step without something happening to you, and even more so when you’re a Psi. suddenly, I found it realistic that our friends very often find themselves in dangerous situations. Not to mention that there is always something that stems from these events. It’s not just to look pretty or get the adrenaline pumping. Alexandra Bracken – Never Fade Audiobook.

A very successful second volume for me. He does not let go of anything and pushes us even further into the world of the Insoumis. The awareness of the young protagonists and their choices are very well exploited and it is very pleasant to see them evolve with accuracy. I can not wait to read more, hoping that the end of this saga does not disappoint me.