Kendare Blake – One Dark Throne Audiobook

Kendare Blake – One Dark Throne Audiobook

One Dark Throne Audiobook – (Three Dark Crowns, Book#2) By Kendare Blake

One Dark Throne takes over theseries Three Dark Crowns where the previous tome ends. Here we go much more to the heart of the matter on the fight between the three sisters to become queen. I found this volume much more interesting and intense than the previous one, and I am intrigued as to what will happen next.

Katharine is the sister who troubled me the most. She became very inhuman, heartless, even with people she was close to. We feel that there is a certain trauma and that what she experienced at the end of the first volume has changed her. Throughout my reading, I wanted to know what had happened to transform her so much. Although she seemed hateful, I couldn’t go that far because I felt there was something to dig. Arisnoe and Mirabella are sweeter here. There are also a lot of questions surrounding their development. I would not say more here so as not to spoil the end of the first volume Kendare Blake – One Dark Throne Audiobook.

The writing is always nice to follow, we always follow each sister in turn and sometimes other characters in the third person, without however knowing absolutely everything. Kendare Blake manages to keep a lot of mystery around the whole plot. It also creates suspense, tension, because sometimes we know things that not all the characters know, leaving us waiting, in doubt, as to when this crucial information would reach them. I always needed to know the rest because the plot is progressing but there are always new challenges that arise! The end leaves me a little less in question, but stirs my curiosity as to what will happen next, and how it will all end.

The world of the series also continues to be developed. We learn more about the history of these islands, the previous queens and the different skills. This development allowed me to go further into my reading because I had more points of reference to understand the issues, and why certain events are crucial.


The atmosphere of this volume is very different from the first. The sisters have changed and the cards are redistributed since the events of the “Quickening” (I don’t know how this will be translated, “Acceleration” does not seem appropriate to me at all): Arsinoe is nicknamed the “Queen Dipper”, the sweet Katherine has radically transformed and calls herself “The Undead Queen” (sorry, much clearer in English) and Mirabella, who has lost her obvious aura of choice, is more determined than ever to hunt down her sisters after the attack on the ‘Arsinoe bear.

There is a little too much romance for my taste and a few lengths, but I couldn’t let go of this book. I really wanted to know the outcome. The adventures follow one another, the plots intensify and the shattering announcements are raining down! The story is less violent than I expected, but the revelations in this tome are almost as terrible as the one concerning our little queen naturalist.

The unspoken and the plots continue to wreak havoc on the relations between the protagonists. Katherine takes a lot of dimension in this volume, even if her universe continues to push me away. His mood is very changeable. She oscillates between a cold arrogance and a much more frivolous attitude with the official suitor courting her in front of Pyetr. She is a little apart in the race for the throne. Considered as the outsider, she has no direct exchanges with her sisters, while the latter confront each other in person. Kendare Blake – One Dark Throne Audiobook.

I developed a preference for Mirabella and Arsinoe, although I crossed my fingers that none of the triplets died. I got really involved in the history of these characters with one exception: Jules. Although her role with the queen naturalist is still as precious as ever, her amorous procrastination annoyed me to the point.

I loved the development of the universe thatoffers us Kendare Blake. This world is deeply twisted, but reveals some interesting surprises.

I appreciated this second volume which is however below the first. The evolution of the fight and the relations between the sisters is very interesting and allowed me to fully immerse myself in the story. I still love this universe that is expanding and developing before our eyes. The end could have been enough, except for a few details, but I am happy to find this world and its characters in a last volume. I can’t wait to see the sequel which is scheduled for September 2018!


In short, One Dark Throne is a good second volume that doesn’t slow down the pace of the series. The plot still advances at a good pace, the characters evolve, the universe is even more constructed, and the mystery continues to hover. I will not be long in reading the rest of the series because I am very intrigued and I want to know how it will all end!