Orson Scott Card – Ender’s Shadow Audiobook

Orson Scott Card – Ender’s Shadow Audiobook

Orson Scott Card – Ender’s Shadow Audiobook

First of all I must clarify 2 things. First I read this book in its original version, ie in English. Second, it is a book that I have been loaned, I had never heard of this universe, the author, etc. Whether it is the book “The Ender Strategy” or the film of the same name. For me it was the total discovery. Orson Scott Card – Ender’s Shadow Audiobook .

Then if you are like me and you look at the note before reading the review, then you know that it is a crush… it is even much more than that.

So let’s get started. First of all, the writing style is excellent, if not brilliant. I grant you that it is a little vague in the first 2 or 3 chapters, we do not really know who speaks to us, expresses himself outside the dialogues. But where the author’s talent is felt is in suggestion and understanding. Let me explain. Bean is an extremely intelligent child, throughout his time and training in the Battle School he investigates and researches to find any information that may be useful in order to uncover the truth about this war which in his eyes no sense. And it is in this quest that we can identify with him, we understand what he is looking for without being told, we ourselves make the link between the various updated elements. the reader conducts the investigation directly with Bean. And, in my case at least, you discover, you understand the truth and reality a few lines before Bean expresses it. It is then a rather powerful feeling, almost enjoyable which motivates us to continue turning, frantically, the pages.

The character of Bean is also the main positive point of this work. He’s a very endearing, very intelligent character, but this ability blocks him in expressing his feelings. He always tries to act in the most rational and logical way possible. Which can sometimes make him look like a cold and calculating sociopath. But it’s something he is aware of and while he can’t help it, he does everything he can to protect the few friends he has even if they don’t realize it. But that’s Bean’s biggest fear, losing his friends. And that is why he is always caught in a dilemma between emotions and military strategy. Dilemmas that tears him apart and pushes him to act against his emotions or against his reason. It is in these moments that one realizes that he is not just a calculating and extremely intelligent strategist, but also a child who grew up in a difficult and cruel world.

The relationship between Bean and the various characters is also very well written. Because he is basically formidably intelligent, but it is through these interactions that he builds himself socially and emotionally. It is thanks to this that he manages to perceive and understand the world around him from another angle, regardless of whether these relationships are positive or harmful, or even dangerous for him. As a rule, all the secondary characters are of great quality and most importantly they are all useful, important and even indispensable to the story. Bean remains the common thread, but each of them takes him forward in the story.

A “detail” which is also important is the history itself, more precisely the situation in which the International Fleet finds itself and the comparison made with military history which will delight fans of Science-Fiction and military strategy (like me!). There is a whole reflection on how to defend oneself in a gigantic space in 3 dimensions, because even with aviation, the battles on Earth are in 2 dimensions, and in the face of a redundant enemy and much more technologically advanced. And of course, Bean has the answer: a defensive strategy makes no sense and will prove to be completely useless as reorganizing defenses could take days, weeks or even months or years.

And this is one of the only black spots in the book. All the children of the Battle School were selected for their remarkable intelligence, they were hundreds, even thousands before Bean. And it’s not just him or Ender who notices this stuff. But he is the only one to question completely absurd, even grotesque military tactics, which would pass off the Maginot Line and the Russian Campaign for ideas of genius… But above all, these are tactics in place for decades. And sorry I can’t bring myself to believe that the hundreds, thousands of the smartest and brightest children on the planet, future commanders, strategists and captains of the International Fleet are all so naive.

Finally, it should be remembered that the first book “The Ender Strategy” appeared 31 years ago and 17 years ago for this one. Yet I find the moral of this work still very current. Man has always waged war on himself, for centuries now there have only been a few decades of total peace on Earth. And men and nations have united only to face common enemies, but while keeping borders and rivalries. Orson Scott Card – Ender’s Shadow Audiobook .

So even if we do one day discover an intelligent alien species, it is likely that we are first looking to figure out how to fight it rather than understand it. And even if nations unite in a common goal, they will always seek to take advantage of the situation to turn it to their advantage.