Pierce Brown – Morning Star Audiobook

Pierce Brown – Morning Star Audiobook

Morning Star Audiobook – (Red Rising Saga, #3)By Pierce Brown




I simmered for a long time for my review. I don’t know where to start and what to say, so it may be disjointed. My sincere apologies, Dominus and Dominas.


Transcendent saga that deserves the 5 stars that I rarely distribute, believing that nothing is perfect. Morning Star Audiobook isn’t perfect, but if I had to rate the entire series, I would give it 5 stars without complaining. Let’s quickly summarize to get us in the mood: Darrow also known as the Reaper (of Mars), is a Red, basically, a Society slave. Used by the Sons of Arès as a weapon against the tyranny of the Ors the rulers of Mankind, spread throughout the Solar System, Darrow in turn became a Gold. After spending two years at the Institute and two more at the Academy is a Scarified Sans-Equal. Red disguised as Gold, he prepares the nose and beard of his pseudos-peers for a revolution of exploited Colors. The revolution is underway, and after his Iron Rain, Darrow is known throughout the System as a hero, a true Iron Gold, worthy successor to the first Golds. However, while at the height of fame, he gets trapped by Adrius at Augustus – says the Jackal – and Octavia at Moon, System Sovereign. Golden Son ended up in bad shape. Left for dead, he was locked up and tortured for a year by the Jackal. the Reaper is broken. Having not returned the light of the sun, or another human being for months, he gradually sinks into madness.

However, he is saved from his detention by the Sons of Arès now guided by his old friend Sevro at Barca in the death of his father the first Ares, Fitchner at Barca. As Darrow picks up the pieces of who he was, war rages throughout the System.

Honestly, I had a little trouble hanging on at first. I used to Darrow move, smash, and emerge from the darkness like a living god. But there, the three or four pieces that remain of him did not agree. I finally got back into the hype during his second sculpting. Don’t blame me, I like the action. Darrow has meanwhile made an ally: Holiday ti Nakamura, a Gray of the Sons of earthly origin. The first that we have seen for a while. Our beautiful planet has been shunned by the author and that’s good! ^^ Holiday had not come alone and was accompanied by Trigg, her brother and incidentally one of the many characters that Pierce Brown makes us appreciate in a few pages, who know a disastrous fate. You should know that each book is focused on a theme. Red Rising, Red’s accession revolves around rage, Darrow’s anger as well as revenge and justice. Golden Son, the more refined Golden Son, presents Darrow as a traitor in every way. First, taking pleasure in his daily Gold betraying his origins, but also betraying his Gold friends to whom he is attached. This book revolves around trust and games of manipulation between the different characters. Finally, Morning Star Audiobook, the Morning Star, symbolizes the consecration of our character. the leader he has become is a star that guides Humanity through the night until morning. The latter speaks of hope, faith and love. And also decides to dig deep into our characters.

Darrow, to be frank, I never really carried it in my heart (my heart was already filled with unconditional love for Sevro and Cassius). I cannot deny him a foolproof charisma and an intelligence and a clarity of mind that makes anyone green with envy. But I really thought he represented the cliché of the anti-hero, invested with a mission he never wanted. So I confess that I tried to slap him a few times. Yes, although I’m not particularly a fan of him, Darrow remains an excellent main character. He makes mistakes, which cost him, he learns, he understands and he concedes. If ever I found him a little Gary Stu (based on my plans never fail, and toc!), I must admit that Morning Star Audiobook has brought to light a new side of Darrow: he can be bad , even downright an asshole. Killing people, innocents, people he wants to protect appears to him as an option, whereas a year ago, he would have shook his head with a categorical NO. Darrow is 23 years old in Morning Star Audiobook, which is 7 years older than in Red Rising. He grew up, matured, and learned that “clean” warfare simply does not exist. That sacrifices are necessary and that we cannot save everything. Liar, manipulator (oh that, to manipulate, he manipulates!), Enraged and determined in his cause. Put him on the Gold side, and he’s an antagonist. You see ? Pierce Brown gave us a “nice bad guy”. A character who represents quite an average human being (at least, in general terms). But despite everything, Darrow remains a friendly and devoted person to his friends – and his neighbor. I find a certain charm in her in her particular tenderness for those close to her, and her eternal search for forgiveness. He loves, very much, very much or even too much. Which got him to take a few hits. But thanks to his unconditional love for his neighbor, he created a family in chaos, which helped him to rebuild himself and vice versa. Even though, a few times I vaguely got the impression that he was using it as a springboard and that he was just prepared to regret and mop in a corner after the action was over. In short, Darrow is a very nuanced character that I have learned to appreciate over the course of the pages and who, let’s face it, also swings a lot of punchlines, surely influenced by Sevro. It has had a very good development and I think the title of the books is the perfect example. First the Red burning with rage who climbs the ranks, then the consecration of himself and after his fall, a new form of ascent, this time more poetic than that of the first volume. He becomes a leader and this time more with a view to betraying them all afterwards.

Fortunately, Darrow is not the only one who has evolved over the past 7 years. The characters, like them or not, have all been subject to a deep reflection on them and the world around them. Sevro and his fears of donning the helmet of Ares, Mustang and his own beliefs, Dancer and the Ors or even Cassius, they’ve all been hollowed out and removing the more secondary character is all that crumbles. They’re all important, all great, antagonist or protagonist, Gold or not. But Pierce Brown under influences very GRR Martinesques will also test them, all until the last, and at the same time shake you.

Because yes, it no longer goes with the back of the spoon. Emotional lifts and denials, I’ve known a lot from reading Morning Star Audiobook. By closing the book and saying to yourself “wait … it’s wrong, it didn’t happen, it wasn’t written!” I don’t want to believe it! “.


However, after careful consideration, Morning Star Audiobook did not strike me as much as Golden Son, which was really the consecration, the quintessence of this saga. But in its own way, the ultimate volume touched me, spoke to me. If some recurring flaws of Red Rising reappeared (obvious plot or on the contrary, totally improbable and far-fetched events or length on some chapters), I found this tome much more human than the others. Full of love, joy, sadness, fear, tears and other human feelings. trivialities of life, laughter, war, death and mourning. A perfect blend and a well-mastered balance that made me travel between the pages and react just as Brown wanted, with anger, joy, sadness or apathy. With his simple and touching style, he drove the Morning Star Audiobook vehicle to success by taking me on the highways of feelings.


What to remember from Morning Star Audiobook? With its rather daring denouement and light but dark ending in a world undergoing reconstruction, it lives up to what one would expect of it.

A worthy successor of the Hunger Games and a tasty mix between Game of Thrones, Greco-Roman and Nordic mythologies as well as Divergente and Ender’s Game,first work Pierce Brown’s is well on its way to becoming a legion and becoming an integral part of the world of SF, known and acclaimed by all. With a start on the hats of wheels and an arrival with fanfare, the saga deserves its place in the sun, hoping that the Iron Gold project amazes me like the first 3 volumes, and that Pierce Brown does not get locked into this success at the risk of killing his saga, but explore other worlds in order to tell us the stories. Per aspera ad astra. Ave Mower.