Sarah J. Mass – Queen of Shadows Audiobook

Sarah J. Mass – Queen of Shadows Audiobook

Queen of Shadows Audiobook (Throne of Glass Book#4)

But what a novel !! Sarah J. Maas has once again surpassed herself in twists and unexpected revelations in this fourth volume.

Aelin accepts her status as Queen of Terrasen, and is eager to raise her court from the ashes while destroying King Adarlan once and for all. I found her a little annoying at times with her authority, which sometimes seemed inappropriate to me. So of course, she is queen but all the same … I was a little disappointed to see that it was well and truly over with Chaol, but very happy to attend all the little hesitations and the rise of feelings between her and Rowan (team Rowan !!) This Fae warrior, who was a little unpleasant to me at the beginning, also knew how to conquer my weak little heart!

As for the darker side of the story, I really liked how the author brought in little bits and pieces of what was going on in Dorian’s head, making us believe he was lost forever while leaving a little flame of hope burning. Sarah J. Mass – Queen of Shadows Audiobook.

I hated Arobyn and all his little manipulations, what he did to Aelin or Lysandra is despicable. I also hated when he managed to get Aelin into his game, despite herself. In short, I really do not wear it in my heart!

As for what’s going on in Morath, I suspected that Manon Blackbeak wasn’t just a witch. She is torn between her duty as heir to the Blackbeak clan, her status as a Wing Leader and her own personal beliefs. She’s a character that I really appreciate, an anti-heroine who turns out to be really interesting. Especially when she helps Elide despite herself, who made me sick to my heart with all these horrible things that happened to her.

The final revelations are shattering, but I expected no less from Sarah J. Maas. It kept me going until the last chapter, and promises an even more spectacular sequel.

For such a long series, I did not think I would attach so much to the characters, nor be so transported in this universe. It really is an incredible series!


This fourth volume is rich in twists, action and emotions. New characters appear as the others continue to evolve and follow their path. There are only a few moments of respite in this volume and it is often the better to start again with new surprises. My emotions played on a roller coaster throughout the volume and I loved it. Far from running out of steam, the story continues to gain momentum with, as always, a final that gives only one desire: to devour the rest! I am definitely addicted to this saga as well as to the pen of Sarah J. MAAS which continues to show that she masters her subject – or rather her story – with a master hand.

One of the aspects that I like the most in this saga and which is more and more present over the books is this duality between good and evil. No one is perfect, each character has their share of mistakes, crimes or bad deeds. I like that, because we avoid the cliché of the hero who does only good with his nice friends to defend the forces of evil. Here everyone is forced to face difficult choices and sometimes sacrifice part of their soul for what they believe is right.

I can’t wait to see what awaits us in the next volume and I dare to hope that this duality will always be present. Sarah J. Mass – Queen of Shadows Audiobook.

This saga is still one of my favorites and has definitely just entered the top 3 of my favorite sagas, which has not happened for a while.