Rachel Aaron – The Spirit War Audiobook

Rachel Aaron – The Spirit War Audiobook

The Spirit War Audiobook – (The Legend of Eli Monpress, #4) By Rachel Aaron




OVERVIEW / ANALYSIS: It is always more difficult to review the series books the more you get into the series. On the one hand, most of the plot points become spoilers for the previous books, secondly, it gets a little harder to keep repeating why you love this world or the entire series and, finally, them. Highs of previous volumes continue to raise the bar of expectations to its zenith. . So, despite all of the above mentioned reasons for War of the Spirits, the fourth book in the Legend Of Eli Monpress series completely captivated me and made me believe that Rachel Aaron is an author dedicated to fame and success. success. Once again, to reiterate, the following review might contain spoilers for the previous three books, otherwise it will be very difficult to speak or write about its plot (although I will do my best to keep them on a minimalist level. ). So, for readers who haven’t read the first three books, consider yourself savvy. Rachel Aaron – The Spirit War Audiobook .


The Spirit Wars opens after the tumultuous events of the Spirit Eater, but the prologue once again gives us a glimpse of past events, focusing on Josef and how he got hold of the heart of the war. The first chapter, however, introduces us to characters that have been alluded to, but who have not officially made their presence known. These characters are Den the Warlord and Nara the Immortal Empress, these two have a connection and Den is looking to catch the Empress at her word. He manages to find her and subvert her mood to her wishes and it is from there that the basic plot begins. The reader will then meet Eli, Josef and Nico on the other side of the world while awaiting Eli’s new bounty; Things take a crazy turn, however, when Josef’s photo adorns the bounty wall in addition to Eli, with his bounty also being higher than Eli’s. This particular bounty warns Josef that his family and inheritance are summoning him and they return to Osera where a whole new cauldron of unrest awaits them.


Miranda, meanwhile, left with Slorn and quickly gets to know one of the fundamental aspects of the world she lives in. Fate has put her on a crash course with events occurring in Osera, however, but there are a multitude of things and twists that occur in between that will need to be gleaned by the reader himself. There are many plot threads in this book, some singular and about a particular character, and others that focus on a lot and are relevant to everyone. The bottom line is that the Immortal Empress has decided to reclaim a title she feels she has lost, and her fury has been refocused on Osera, where the heart of the story lies.


This book follows the pattern of the previous books by focusing on the background of a character and this time it’s Josef’s turn. Not only do we learn that he is a prince, but also that his future kingdom is now in the sights of the Immortal Empress. Josef as a character has always been intriguing, and in this book we learn a lot about his past, his choices, and the main reasons he became the man he is today. There is also a bunch of intrigue dealing with the horrific issues of the world (as touched on in Book III), namely the presence and interference of the Shepherdess, the containment of the demon seeds and the general mystery of the origin. of the world and beyond. . There are some answers given but now it all depends on the latest book as it will answer all the questions that have arisen so far and end the saga on a muffled note. But going through the way things have gone so far, I have no doubts that the author will surprise us and end the saga on an exciting note.


One of the biggest surprises of this book is the revelation of the world’s past and the role of the Shepherdess in it. We’ve had a few tips before, but in this book we get a lot more information about it. It also leads to an even more dangerous conclusion as all is definitely not well in the world and not only great minds know it but humans are slowly realizing it too. The character cast is the largest yet and appropriately, as there are several plot threads in this book and the author handles them all admirably. This book was long but it wastes none of its pages, the increased length serves to encompass a huge story that is both action-packed and character-driven.


Characterization is always important with increased cast and in this book the author beautifully presents all of the characters with their imperfect but understandable views. This was extremely helpful because otherwise the plot of the book might look ridiculous. The characters that have been in the background so far like Slorn, Sara, Tesset, Etmon Banage, etc. have more page time as per the dictations of the story and it was a smart move on the author’s part as they reveal more about the world and a little bit about the secrets of the world as well.


The only complaint I could have from this book is that Miranda in the previous books has always been a stubborn character, in this one she turns out to be a bit overzealous. Usually portrayed as “fiery” and protector of his spirits, but here I felt his character was a bit shrill in the climax. This is just my observation and many others might think otherwise. The other main characters Nico and Eli have their roles to play, but they sort of take a backseat to Josef in the first two-thirds of the book, but in the climax they each have their own battles to fight and have again changed their lives. events happen at the end. The book also ends on a cliffhanger that will have readers clamoring for the final book and the fact that the book also features a chapter from Eli’s POV from Spirit’s End, which helps reassure the wait until November.


CONCLUSION: Rachel Aaron writes dramatically about the world in which spirits are alive and are a part of everything. She brings the characters to life and traps the reader in the midst of her literary creation. I thought this book wasn’t the way to start the series, it’s a good indicator of how good a writer she is. Pick up a copy of Rachel Aaron – The Spirit War Audiobook to start the series and know that you are in one hell of a comedic and highly entertaining adventure.