Alice Oseman – Radio Silence Audiobook

Alice Oseman – Radio Silence Audiobook

Radio Silence Audiobook – By Alice Oseman

Above all, you should know that this novel is read quickly. Very quickly. It may look imposing with its 415 pages, but in reality it is not at all. It’s written big, and it’s super airy! On top of that you add a fluid story, an easy-to-read writing style, suddenly when you lift your head from the book, you’ve already read 150 pages and you haven’t even realized it!

For the story itself, the plot is nice and above all allows to tackle subjects that I find super interesting (social networks and studies). Particularly with the target audience. It is a children’s book, which at first glance should target teenagers. And the issues related to studies, and good grades: they are right in there. Alice Oseman – Radio Silence Audiobook.

For social networks (even if some adults are also concerned …) it must be said that teenagers tend to display themselves there, to tell their lives there, and sometimes it can degenerate (it tends to be mean at this age -there ^^).

At the level of studies, the heroine is obsessed with entering Cambridge. She’s based her whole life on it: she’s a student representative because it looks good in her file, hardly ever goes out because she spends her time studying, she doesn’t have a lot of friends because she is much more focused on her studies than on her social life, etc. Not going to college is unimaginable for her. So good, somewhere she likes to study and she’s top of her class, that’s cool for her. But what about those who don’t like to study? Who don’t have a good grade? Who does not especially want to do advanced higher education? Is their life screwed up? Are they unnecessary? Idiots?

Several of the novel’s secondary characters are in this case (the fact of not liking to study eh, not the fact of being an idiot). This allows the author to talk about it. And put it in perspective: just because you got bad grades doesn’t mean you’re stupid shit and your life is screwed up. There are alternatives other than university. And just because we don’t go to college doesn’t mean we’re worse off than the others, no. it’s all about finding what we like, what we want to do later, and then we do the necessary studies accordingly.

And I find it very good to recall it, given that we are in a society where we push students to do bachelor’s, master’s, etc. While they don’t necessarily need / want them. everything, whoever wants to be an accountant, plumber, etc … what is the use of going to college? To have a license? Especially if the person concerned doesn’t like studying, that’s a bit silly, isn’t it?

The second interesting point, which the author addresses concerns social networks (in her novel she mainly talks about youtube and timblr, but what she talks about is valid for any social network). And mainly the harassment and hatred they can engender.

At some point, the heroine will have to work with Silence Radio (the youtubeur), of course she does not use her real identity but a nickname. But she will have the right to lots of questions about her tumblr, to such an extent that she feels harassed, and no longer dares to open tumblr, she will even hesitate to deactivate her account. Imagine, if ever the “subscribers” who harass her on tumblr know her true identity: she will no longer have any means to escape this harassment since you cannot deactivate her own life.

In addition, some subscribers (mainly on youtube) think that the person creating the content “belongs” to them, or at least owes them something. That from the moment the content pleases, the person who created it does not have the right to take a break, or even to change their mind. And this is very well explained when Silence Radio receives threats because he plans to stop producing his show.

And unfortunately, these behaviors are actually happening. And it is often “young people” who are at the origin. So maybe they don’t realize it, or maybe they really don’t care what effect it has … But anyway, I find it very good that the The author tackles the subject, without being judgmental.

That was for the positives. Now let’s go to the negative point (yes, there must be at least one). I found that the secondary characters was not thorough enough, that they lack some information about their subjects. Alice Oseman – Radio Silence Audiobook.

As much as the main characters are very well exploited, we fully understand their motivations, their actions, their reactions etc. Even if we do not always agree with them, we still understand why they act like this. Unfortunately this is not the case with the secondary characters. They are only described on the surface. And I sometimes had the impression that certain characters were only there to bring out a facet of one of the main characters, a bit like a foil but worse. While writing this, I realize that I do not really know how to explain it in fact … So I will finally stick to what I said above: the secondary characters are not researched enough.