Rick Riordan – The Hammer of Thor Audiobook

Rick Riordan – The Hammer of Thor Audiobook

The Hammer of Thor Audiobook – (Magnus Chase Book# 2)




Hi everyone. As planned for this month, here comes the chronicle of volume two of Magnus Chase and the gods of Asgard by Rick Riordan. A book that I took great pleasure in waiting for arriving home, but also a book that leaves me dreaming of an afterlife. In fact this book full of Norse mythology, with its humorous inclination, teenagers brawlers, loyal maize, etc, made me dream of a world that could be ours if we were part of it. Well it’s true that the blanket, which is beautiful, freezes you with fear with its wolf helmet from which eyes of a very rare icy green emerge. But after this detail, and after having plunged into the realm of the living dead, the good joke, since there is not a gram of vampires in this book, the descent into the depths of the story will be done with a immense joy. So much so that the precipice of the end will come far too soon. Unfortunately. But hey, it’s time for me to introduce you to this new book, and above all to do everything possible to ensure that you will take a tour of your adored bookstores.

But who says discovery of the book, necessarily says synopsis. So I solemnly swear to report everything to you, down to the smallest detail. Thor’s hammer is gone, again! the god of thunder with the annoying habit of misplacing his weapon, the most powerful power of the Nine Worlds. But this time the hammer was not only lost, it fell into the hands of the enemy. If Magnus and his friends cannot find him quickly, the mortal world will be defenseless against the onslaught of the giants, Ragnarök will begin, and the Nine Worlds will burn. Sadly, the only person who can negotiate a deal to reclaim the hammer and the gods’ worst enemy: Loki … and the price he’s asking is very high.

Mdr. Again the paranoia of the apocalypse. But hey got used to it in the long run withbooks Riordan’s. It must be said that he has a knack for putting teenagers in the position of the hero who rid the world of the great villains of the universe who want to rule our world. Which allows me to say: and if we discovered them his famous incredible kids.

Magnus, cousin of Percy Jakson’s Annabeth Chase, is a very talented young man. He has everything to please, beautiful as a god, well what is normal for the son of one of them. Powerful, well yes, otherwise what does it mean to be the descendant of a deity. But doesn’t have much going for it, just like its heavenly relative. But more than anything, it attracts a mess of problems, it must be said, it is the formidable immortal side. And then we will say that it is above all a living dead. Not a vampire, pffuuutttt !!!!! Certainly it is not only them who are walking on their feet and who are dead. A ghoul… neither. Go on a little nerves, we’re almost there. There, it’s a kid who died, yes! And what else ? He lives in Valhalla. And what happens when a great warrior like him gets there? Bin he is reborn from his ashes like a phoenix. Finally we got there. But he a great warrior! Nah, I’m joking ! Chiche might as well tell a baby to protect us, lol. Yet he trains very hard, but when a big fight comes up, it’s who does all the work, it’s his sword. But hey, he’s a kid with a strong heart, who is faithful, loyal, and a bit of an idiot, if I may say so, more mature too, an orphan, etc. Yes it is the replica of Percy Jakson, but do not confuse them, both in terms of character they are ditto, as much physically it is the most complete opposite. But other than that he’s a nice guy, who wants all his friends to be happy. Even though a dark prophecy fell on his head.

Samirah Al-Abbas, the Valkyrie on a special mission, is a combative and insightful girl. Unfortunately for her, her hideous father Loki seeks to marry her to a giant. If so, you understood correctly. And there the question that everyone is asking: is bin beautiful? Bin no at all, at all, at all. In addition for the poor it is an abject being. She is powerful, with her transformative powers, and adores her totally human sweetheart. So she will do everything to counter Loki’s bizarre plans.

Blitzen, still fashionable victim, kind, loyal, etc. But here, his role ends when a sword kills him. Or almost. I missed him in the book. With him, it is one hundred percent sure, we had order, genius, and fashion.

Hearthstone the dumb deaf elf, and magician in his spare time has gained popularity in this tome, since it is he who makes his father fall. But that is not the point, just like Blitzen, he is kind, loyal, and does not let his friends down in the event of a hard blow, since he is ready to return home to the elven world to search for a stone. jealously guarded by her idiot father. But shhh, let’s say no more.

Amir, in this volume, is more present. Since Sam revealed the truth about her to her, he is ready to do anything to help her and especially to understand her attitude. By the semi-divine intervention of Magnus, he accepts it, and goes so far as to wait for the arranged marriage to dissolve quietly. There’s nothing to say, he can’t do anything to help either, since he has no power apart from the immense love he has for the pretty girl.

But if there is one character that is quite interesting, and who is new or new according to his desires, it is Alex Fierro. He’s an argr, or a transgender character to put it simply. He is also a child of Loki. He / she is pungent, acerbic, with a strong tongue and combative. Without wanting to, and always for a good cause, Alex always puts her foot in the dish, regardless of others and who they think of her / him. She / he is herself, quite simply, and lives it thoroughly. Even though his murderous inclinations are a bit more pronounced than average, his aggressive personality actually reveals a person injured, and abandoned by his family. But what I love most is the fact that he / she stands up to Loki. It is to split the pear well as it should. On the other hand I wonder what will give his relationship with Magnus, well, if there is follow-up.

That’s all for the main characters, but alongside there are plenty of other Thor and his wife, or the giant brother and sister who seeks to kill Thor, Magnus’ manipulated uncle, Loki himself. even Annabeth who hisses at the beginning, and many more.

For the moment, I did not see arrive this small passage of the chronicle which speaks about our novel in itself with the pen of the author, the romance between the characters and of course the intrigue of this volume.

First of all the pen of Rick Riordan, is Fabulous No seriously folks, I will keep repeating it, but it is tasty. Like a good cooked dish, with many ingredients, light, intense, humorous, rhythmic, magic,… The characters have just what it takes to allow their charisma to be very strong. As for the descriptions, they are wonderfully detailed, to the point that the reader just feels in the place of the hero. The words are well chosen, just to get the reader to savor this new book even more. The universe has grown even more, and knowing the author through his other books, it will only grow. moreover, for each new word in the Nordic universe, there is an explanation, which means that the reader is not left behind. As for the emotions, it is bursts of laughter galore. So if you’re setting on a chair, make sure you don’t fall to the ground, because that’s what happened to me.

On the other hand, on the side of romantic relationships, it’s nada. Sam and Amir are a nice couple, but we don’t fit into their relationship more than that. Regarding the other characters, the links between them, and quite simply impossible to destroy. Their camaraderie is a real breath of fresh air. And in today’s world, it’s a joy to have that kind of relationship with other people. Oh yes.

Finally, as for the plot, as you guessed it all revolves around the quest for the supposedly lost Thor’s hammer. Remember, Loki had taken it out of the window at the end of volume one, so when everyone hears that Sam has to marry the giant to get the heavyweight back, and that it comes down to Loki by the dowry, we doubt that the villain already knew what was going to happen. And then we have the arrival of the last, or the last depending on the character in the person of Alex, who will question everything in the story. But otherwise, the plot itself is rather well done, very well detailed, with all kinds of twists and turns.

In conclusion, it’s a thrilling and fascinating story that made me devour the pages at record speed so I was happy to find all our characters, to the point of not seeing the pages scrolled so quickly, three thirty I is enough to read the entire book. It’s a record for me with all these pages. But icing on the cake, the very last sentence of the book more than made me want to read more! Waiting a year is going to be very long.… Because the fact of having had a parallel made with “The Works of Apollo” in the very last chapter of the volume, makes me say that the sequel will be epic. And the question anyfan Riordan is asking themselves is: does Magnus meet that dear Percy Jackson in the next tome? I can’t wait for this idea! The wait is going to be long, but it will be worth it, I’m sure! Not to mention that the meeting of the Nordic universe and the Greek universe will be breathtaking, titanic, colossal, grandiose, and so on. Oh and hell, I said it lately I love Rick Riordan – The Hammer of Thor Audiobook So see you next for the volume three chronicle of the extraordinary, inconceivable, incredible, and unbelievable adventures of Magnus Chase in the land of the Nordic gods .