Robert Kirkman – The Walking Dead Audiobook

Robert Kirkman – The Walking Dead Audiobook

Robert Kirkman – The Walking Dead Audiobook

My first approach to The Walking Dead was through the TV adaptation, of which I swallowed the first three seasons in a row … Impatient to be able to watch season 4, I discovered that my media library had all the books already published, so I could not resist the temptation to immerse myself in the world of comics. Robert Kirkman – The Walking Dead Audiobook .


My last experience with these American comics dates back to my teenage years when I read my brother’s ones on Batman or Superman … I was never a big fan of the line of drawings, but here, I must say that it did not not disturbed at all, so much the care given to the decorations (realism of dilapidated buildings and nature) as well as to the details (flies fluttering around zombies ^^) completely immerses us in this apocalyptic world!

Likewise, the black and white frame helps to accentuate the feeling of anguish and desolation that permeates each page, underlined by a subtle gradient of the grayscale. This also spares us too much visual aggressiveness of gore scenes!


On the scenario side, the story does not revolutionize the genre (moreover, the zombies appear especially in the background), but the strong point of the plot relates to the psychology of the characters. None is Manichean, which is greatly appreciated, and everyone is aware that their survival depends on their ability and their will to remain united.

While some live under the illusion of an imminent return to normal life, others are painfully aware of the opposite.


“It will never be the same. We will never find a normal existence. (page 131)


In this world doomed to chaos and precariousness, human relations are decisive: the pretty Amy is appreciated for her joie de vivre, Donna, despite her pronounced taste for backbiting, is devoted to others, Glenn facilitates the daily life of survivors by regularly supplying them with products from the old days, not necessarily essential but which make them forget for a while the harshness of their situation.


But tragedy often catches up with them, and the death of one of theirs is always experienced as a deep trauma.

Despite everything, under the despair, laughter sometimes emerges, so irrepressibly that it becomes embarrassing:


”Shit. With everything I’ve seen today, I feel guilty about laughing. (page 20)


If certain good sides of human nature remain anchored in them, certain survivors, on the contrary, let themselves be invaded by their bad impulses, making themselves even more monstrous than the zombies!


About the real cause of this mysterious epidemic that plunged the world into chaos, we will not learn anything in this volume. But some explanations are given to us here and there on the events or the means to fight against the zombies, at the turn of a box:


”The government tried to regroup everyone in town to protect us more easily. In the end, it mostly put all the food in one place. Every time one of these things kills one of us, it becomes one of them. Robert Kirkman – The Walking Dead Audiobook .

In a week, the whole city went there. Since then … we don’t know anything. No one can enter or leave. (page 45)


To conclude, a very addictive and captivating read. The story is served by a gallery of varied characters, and psychologically accomplished, whose emotions and feelings are very well exploited; the rhythm is sustained from start to finish, and we have only one hurry: move on to the next volume!