Robin DiAngelo – White Fragility Audiobook

Robin DiAngelo – White Fragility Audiobook

White Fragility Audiobook – By Robin DiAngelo


We live in a racialized society, and the worst is to ignore it. A shocking book.

American sociologist Robin DiAngelo has spent twenty years studying this question in workshops on diversity and multiculturalism. She drew from it a fundamental concept to understand the relationship of whites to racism: white fragility, a defense or denial mechanism that allows the conversation to be hijacked, preventing the identification of the systemic racism that persists in our societies. And therefore to fight it.

In this book that has become a phenomenon in the United States, at the top of the bestsellers for two years, Robin DiAngelo gives us the keys to be truly anti-racist.


Review Of Robin DiAngelo – White Fragility Audiobook:


I started reading this book thinking I would better understand why it is so difficult to talk about race with other white people. There might be a few things I should be aware of in myself, but overall it would be a book about other white people.

Well ! If I wasn’t wrong! From the start, Robin DiAngelo knocked me off my “why am I not racist” pedestal. She appealed to me from the start by suggesting that the reader was probably sitting there thinking about all the ways that I’m not a racist. Bam, bam, BAM! I came down.

As we are predictable, we white people, even if we think we are not. Even when we are sure we are not racist. Even when we think we are different from other white people. How predictable I am. To get to anything with racism, we must first be prepared to examine all of the ways that we (every white person) support and perpetuate racism. I sit there reassuring myself that I am an exception and these x, y, z are the reasons to prove that I am not, while also making sure that I was not going to learn anything, or not enough, from it. delivered. I am so grateful to Ms. DiAngelo for starting this way.

Did that make me uncomfortable? Yes, it’s true. Believe me, I was sitting there squirming, biting my bottom lip, and I almost wanted to not read the book at all. However, I knew that the fact that it made me feel uncomfortable was the main reason I needed to read this book. Not to get an idea of ​​other whites, but to get an idea of ​​myself. To highlight my flaws and discover the ways in which racism manifests itself through my words and actions. White Fragility Audiobook Free.

Robin DiAngelo begins by explaining exactly what racism is and why most white people are so afraid of being seen as racist.

Confusing these terms and thinking that racism is only an intentional act of discrimination leads us to believe that we are free from racism, that we are not racist, and thus assures us that we will do nothing to change. It “protects our prejudices, because denying that we have them ensures that we will not examine or change them.”

Every aspect of Western culture is based on the superiority of whites. It is supported by authority and institutional control (I would say especially in the United States). When racism and racist thinking are so deeply rooted in our culture, it is “the norm rather than an aberration”.

Feedback is key to our ability to recognize and repair our inevitable, often unconscious collusion. “We are conditioned by racism and a white supremacist worldview. Thus, rather than focusing our energy on to convince ourselves and to convince others that we are not racist, we have to focus this energy on confronting our own racist tendencies and ideas. As Ms. DiAngelo points out, “We have them, and people of color already know that we have them ; our efforts to prove otherwise are not convincing. ”

I think this is an incredibly important book. Although it is very basic, rudimentary and at times repetitive, this book is a crucial starting point. It demands that we do were looking honestly. If we are against racism and we really want change, we have to start with ourselves first. I cannot change my behavior or my thoughts if I am sure I am blameless. “So I hope to change a whole system? I have to be open to criticism without getting on the defensive. Is it easy to do it? No, absolutely not. But I can bear some discomfort, especially at in light of all the pain that people of color have endured and still endure It is imperative that I examine myself honestly, it will not kill me – but racism kill people of colorfunction. “.

white  fragility to prevent people s of color to challenge racism in order to avoid the anger of whites ”. In turn, failure to challenge whites on racism maintains racial order and the position of whites within that order. ”

I implore all whites to read this book, even if you are sure you do not. be racist Especially if you are sure you are not racist Let us all work to change ourselves, and maybe the necessary changes can take place in our society and in our justice systems It is our responsibility to be less fragile and finally listen to people of color and be open to examining our flaws and prejudices.There are so many other things I could write, including things I have discovered about myself by reading this book, but instead, I will finally end this long review and encourage you to read the book. And after that read books written by people of color. is that by listening to those who are victims of racism that we can bring about a change highly effective.