Sabaa Tahir – A Torch Against The Night Audiobook

Sabaa Tahir – A Torch Against The Night Audiobook

A Torch Against The Night Audiobook – By Sabaa Tahir




What volume 2! It is as excellent as the first! My only regret: having waited so long before plunging into it. Indeed, the universe is very rich and my reading of the first volume is starting to date. Because of this, I encountered some difficulty in following. But no matter, it was a masterful reading!


This second volume is a small nugget. It largely lives up to its predecessor. It’s dark, it’s mature, it’s captivating, that’s a scenario! The work of Sabaa Tahir is for me a must in young adult literature and a real crush. So far, it is faultless for this author. She masters her story with a lot of intelligence. The balance between action, fantasy, suspense and love is perfect. The frantic pace, the revelations and the twists and turns are at the rendezvous just like in volume 1. It’s a pure treat! This series largely deserves its place in my top 5. Sabaa Tahir makes us vibrate, distress, stress, capsize, she does not hesitate to kill and make her protagonists suffer. She is a real executioner for her characters. Impossible to predict anything. Throughout this volume 2 she prepares us to take us somewhere without our knowing where. She is very strong. We feel perfectly that his story is mastered, the trajectory of his story is determined, but as long as the sentence does not fall impossible to guess the finality of this path. How pleasant it is to read a series without predictability and with so many surprises. In addition, the universe is abundant, it is built and super well written (good attention pkj anyway, I detected a few typos …)

I think that I can praise this series for hours by listing many endlessly positive adjectives and adding superlatives!


As for the characters, I was afraid of not particularly appreciating the point of view of Hélène. I thought that either I was going to be indifferent and that it would add nothing in particular to the story, or it would accentuate the amorous “trio / quartet” by bringing a marshmallow side. Once again, I was really fooled! What a pleasure to follow the great Hélène Aquilla, what charisma! I would not have thought I would appreciate this character so much. Relayed in the background during the first volume, it becomes essential in this second part. I almost prefer her to Laia … This girl has a crazy charisma and a hell of a temper. A badass heroine as we like them. Strong, proud, courageous, talented and worthy. I took a good slap with it. His sense of honor is admirable.

We also find Elias and Laia. Strong and humble, I still love Elias as much if not more. His small, fine touches of humor are always welcome. I like his contrasting temperament. He is a warrior who knows how to be restrained and who, despite his abilities, is not pretentious. He is reckless, deeply kind and brave. It’s a rock we can lean on and trust with our eyes closed. No wonder the friendship is strong between him and Hélène, they share the same values. Just like the storyline, no one can know in advance the future of this character. One thing is certain between him and Keenan my choice has always been clear: #teamelias!

As for Laia I must say that I was a little disappointed. Some of his choices have disappointed me. But again, where the author is strong is that even if it upsets us, we do not expect it.

And then of course, I can’t help but speak of LA Commandante with a capital C. Always equal to herself, this woman with a crazy charisma is a real unperturbed psychopath. Difficult to pierce it up to date but one thing is certain it is an opponent at the height of our main protagonists.

A quick note about Harper, I really liked this new secondary character. Another charismatic personality. Sabaa Tahir has a knack for creating colorful and complex protagonists. I can’t wait to see what will become of volume 3.


You will understand, I absolutely LOVED Sabaa Tahir – A Torch Against The Night Audiobook ! I therefore await the last book in this series with great impatience. “A flame in the night” is a perfect second volume which follows an equally good first volume. This is the kind of series that I would have been proud to write. Sabaa Tahir got us used to being heavy by setting the bar very high with her first two volumes. From now on, she has the pressure because she will have to ensure a max while keeping the level for volume 3. And to close this series like a master hand, it is not an easy task!