Sabaa Tahir – An Ember In The Ashes Audiobook

Sabaa Tahir – An Ember In The Ashes Audiobook

An Ember In The Ashes Audiobook – By Sabaa Tahir



My first thought as I started this book was: I know I’m going to love it. And it did not fail. This reading was a real favorite.

I don’t know how to summarize Ember Under the Ashes without spoiling the surprises of the book, so I’ll try to keep it simple. It is the story of two peoples, the Scholars and the Martial (soldiers). 500 years ago, the Martials enslaved the Scholars. Laia and her big brother are part of this poor people while Elias is a soldier. They all separate them, and yet they have one desire in common: to be free.

It starts out as a dystopia, with one people oppressed and one abusing their power. But little by little, the magic comes into play.

I sometimes have a hard time when the magic happens in stories like this, but here it did not bother me at all. We discover the magic at the same time as the characters who did not believe it either, and instead of telling us “it’s rubbish, they really want to make us swallow this?”, We ask ourselves “why not ? “.

This story is first of all action, with battles and fights. There are also secrets and puzzles, unspoken and petty betrayals. It’s the story of a tight-knit family that is breaking up and another family that never really existed. It is the story of a rebellion against power and a search for freedom. It’s the story of a friendship, and it’s also a love story.

I really liked the characters a lot. Laia and Elias are the main two and tell their stories alternately. I preferred Elias’s part even though Laia’s was very good too. Elias is a great boy who fights for the values ​​he believes in. He is not heartless like those around him. He only dreams of being free and not having to kill anymore. He knew how to touch me and make me want to help him find his freedom. Her story with Helene, her best friend, was also moving because they protect each other and love each other in their own way.

I think Laia is a character that many of us could relate to. She is sensitive and a little fearful, she is not as brave as her parents and her fears prevent her from saving those she loves. And yet, she fights and does her best to try to help her brother. She sometimes lacked maturity in her choices and I could find her quite naive at times, but she is gentle and full of kindness. It shows that everyone has the strength to fight.

The characters in this novel all have different and very well-constructed personalities. They all act coherently and fit perfectly into the author’s universe. We get attached to each of them, even the fiercest, we seek to know their secrets and we realize that everyone has a part (even tiny) of goodness in themselves, which makes these people more real. .

Finally, I liked the fact that the love story of Sabaa Tahir – An Ember In The Ashes Audiobook does not take up too much space in this novel. It’s there, all over the place, but it doesn’t really exist either, and it was nice. It may have gone a little too fast but since it only flies over the story, it’s not very important. Especially since it’s a bit complicated. It’s not just a couple, or even a love triangle, but what we could call a square! Each character has their “adventure companion”, and the times they are with them, there is no doubt that they are made to be with them. And yet, we suspect that Elias and Laia will experience something together. And when they are just both, the others no longer exist.

I can’t wait for the sequel to come out! This novel leaves plenty of little questions. Who is the night sower (I have my little theory but I’m not sure of anything), Laia and Elias will they succeed in their mission? What will become of Hélène? The commander? What is the future of resistance? besides, augurs really intrigue me. What is their purpose in all of this? What do they want?

In short, it was a very pleasant read, a little crush. It’s not the kind of novel I usually read, and yet every time I love books like this. Happy reading to those who read it (and to others too)!