Sally Thorne – The Hating Game Audiobook

Sally Thorne – The Hating Game Audiobook

The Hating Game Audiobook – By Sally Thorne



Once is not customary, I will start by giving my feelings that I usually reserve for the end: this novel is a huge crush !!!!

I spent an extraordinary moment of real relaxation, laughter and real emotion with the two characters of the author Sally THORNE whom I did not know and whose novel I discovered really by chance. I’m really happy that chance put me in its way.

When two publishing houses – Gamin Publishing and Bexley Books – merge into one, for economic reasons and employees are forced to collaborate, one inevitably expects an explosive mix. And that’s without counting on Joshua and Lucinda who at the top of the ladder, must share the same office to manage the tasks of their respective management. It is after a few months of cohabitation, which we can easily imagine epic, that we meet them.

“I am clearly a victim of the loopholes in the Heaven and Hell system as I find myself stranded in Purgatory. In kindergarten. In a madhouse ”

Elle Lucinda known as Lucy, 1m50, relaxed, who cannot say no and whom everyone loves for her kindness (too often). Him, Joshua, 1m90 at least, cold and rigid but of rare beauty, who does not like nice people and who is feared even feared in his work. These two should never have worked together because they are diametrically opposed.

“He’s probably looking to see what’s under the hood.” Or, he wonders what type of fuel you are using. ”

The hatred they feel for each other punctuates their days with little games they have set up: the mirror game, the game of looks and many others.

“Leave my computer open with Joshua around?” No way ! You might as well entrust them directly with the codes of the atomic bomb. ”

When they are going to be put in competition by their hierarchy for the position to be filled that everyone dreams of, both will never stop wanting to win the game. But in this game, the situation will change; the rules will no longer be the same.

This novel is a real breath of fresh air. From the first pages, I stuck to the light and humorous writing style that is used by the author to share with us this daily life narrated from Lucy’s point of view. She is not kind to her colleague and he gives her back. It’s an eternal competition between them two.

“It’s simple, between the two of us, everything always revolves around victory or failure….

“Butwhat is the real purpose of this competition?

And should there be only one winner?

the character of Lucy quite funny, communicates a certain good humor to us by her way of thinking – especially when she happens to think out loud -, her way of acting, her way of being quite simply. We know a lot of things about her.

Unlike Joshua’s character who is frustratingly discreet and cold. We don’t know anything about him; we discover it throughout the novel in small touches that the author agrees to reveal to us. Out of a feeling of annoyance with him for much of the novel, my favorite character emerged after I finished reading. The emotion he gave me is difficult to explain.

This story that one might think “nice” is ultimately a beautiful sexy concentrate, full of situations, small details that made me go through all the emotions that I love. There is no length, no unnecessary additions and it unfolds perfectly with events, which are linked perfectly to end in an epilogue as I like them: totally different than the one I had already imagined.

I have only one regret: that this Sally Thorne – The Hating Game Audiobook did not alternate the point of view of Lucy and Josh. at least for some quite moving and strong passages. An even stronger emotion would certainly have emerged from it; at least, for my part.

Very nice discovery and therefore, once again, a huge crush on this story which touched my little heart of incorrigible romantic.