George R. R. Martin – Sandkings Audiobook

George R. R. Martin – Sandkings Audiobook

George R. R. Martin – Sandkings Audiobook
George R. R. Martin – Sandkings Audiobook



At first I get a little out of the book, because I thought the author had a kind of obsession or something for this.
It is the first time that I read George RR Martin, and in general I liked it, to be honest I am a bit annoyed by the eighties and nineties authors, I don’t know, it’s like they are sometimes very crude, or vulgar in my opinion, something that I perceived very little in this author, George R. R. Martin – Sandkings Audiobook . I found that he writes very well, I manage to capture my interest and it is not at all crude or ordinary, but on the contrary, it seemed light and concise, and innovative with his stories, it seemed balanced granting varied endings, in which the protagonists manage to escape half-heartedly, and others outright have no salvation, here is the review of each story:

-The pear-shaped man:
Although the description of the character is a bit disgusting, I could not leave the book aside, I was surprised by the end, I really thought that things were going the other way.

– The monkey treatment:
Another story about obese people, this one if I do not capture my interest so much, even in some parts I despair a little.

– Needle men:
Another ending that surprised me a little, you can not guess anything if not until almost the end, I almost felt sorry for the fate of the protagonist, if the story is enjoyable, but it did not seem very interesting to me either, it would be that I had nothing supernatural like thought: P.

– The departure to San Breta:
This story reminded me a lot of one of the stories from the Martian Chronicles, “Night Encounter”, as with a nostalgic touch for the past, apart from talking about cars and roads.

– In the Casa del Gusano:
I really liked this story, I felt it very familiar to the stories of Sword and Sorcery by Robert E. Howard.
The protagonist is not the hero of the story, but nevertheless he is submerged in a whole odyssey in the depths of the earth, I really liked that he tells the story of that post-apocalyptic civilization, which was not limited to just describing the adventures, If not, I take excellent care of the setting to fully catch.

– Change of command:
I thought it was an innovative story, it has a very interesting theme, and I even wanted to have a second part.

– The kings of the arena:
The story that gives the book its title George R. R. Martin – Sandkings Audiobook  did not seem to me the best in the anthology, I had trouble getting hooked with it at first, but once the introduction is over, it achieves an interesting story, at times somewhat infuriating, but it seems to me that it has a good development, an ending that is guessed but that is not bad.

– Skin traffic:
My second favorite story. The topic is guessed a bit at first, but the author takes care not to reveal anything specific until well into the story, which seemed like a success, one identifies a lot with Randi Wade, the investigator of the case, since everything is revealed to the reader and the character at the same time; Another thing that seemed to me a success is to have put the concept of the hunter who hunts the hunter, it is a quite well camouflaged supernatural story, in which everything takes place in an apparently “normal” city, although somewhat dark, where almost none of its inhabitants are suspicious of those with whom they live day by day.