Scott Lynch – The Lies of Locke Lamora Audiobook

Scott Lynch – The Lies of Locke Lamora Audiobook

The Lies of Locke Lamora Audiobook – (Gentleman Bastard, #1) By Scott Lynch




Scott Lynch, Locke Lamora, Camorr, the Bastards Gentlemen … so many names that my dear fantasy fan has been praising me for a long time and well he took!

Once is not customary, let’s take a look, first, at the “blurb” which illustrates the back cover. The “blurbs” are those little words from other writers who accompany new releases to sell them. It has recently become an incredible business and the usage has now become completely misleading, most of the time anyway. George RR Martin tells us, verbatim: “This novel captivated me from the first page and left me no way out. A fresh, original and compelling story told by a brilliant new voice of fantasy. Locke Lamora is a charming bandit and the city of Camorr a fascinating and beautifully portrayed setting that rivals Lakhmar and Amber. »Where many multiply the hollow praise that tires the reader as much as possible (I recommend an excellent article from the no less very good Elbakin site: des-blurbs-dans-ledition), GRR Martin at least has the delicacy to quote significant aspects of the work: he has therefore read it, already! Apart from his first remark, I agree with him in every way! Indeed, the long prologue is interesting, but rather difficult to approach and follow, for me anyway: however, the universe frankly makes you want to go further, so you might as well not stop at that! Far too many readers, I find, stop after a few pages, but if you start such a pavement, you must suspect that you will have to plunge into it with ardor in order not to drop out! Then? Well, thereafter, the magic of Camorr will amaze you so much and the frenzied rhythm will make you have such a pleasant time in the company of Locke Lamora and his merry drilles, that the pages will end up turning on their own!

Indeed, with these Bastards Gentlemen, we can only marvel at the undeniable talent of Scott Lynch, a beginner already dubbed by so many recognized authors or in the process of being so. How does he manage to have such a vivid imagination? Such an ease of invention would almost be disgusting to write one day, because how could we do better? The author offers us, as food for our teeming imaginations, a city, what am I saying a city? a wonder ! Camorr! A city with as many facets as a kaleidoscope, and as many sordid alleys as Sin City in fantasy mode… And then what about the background context? Completely mind-boggling so much it conceals wonderful ideas to exploit: with seven volumes planned, Scott Lynch has something to exploit and enrich his universe to infinity, especially since his vision of certain scenes, places or characters is complex and refined to wish. For the example, I think back above all to a memorable scene where Locke Lamora visits a bank hall four times in less than three hours with four different outfits, and Scott Lynch manages to bring the scene to life in a different way each time without ever being repeat or tire the reader in anything. I won’t dwell ontalent as a storyteller any further Scott Lynch’s, because really there would be endless examples, but, frankly, here we have one of the fantasy worlds (if not all of the worlds). created a genre in literature, and those in fantasy are way above average in terms of the backdrop…) the most developed that I can know. And the whole thing makes you drool at will!

Finally, I would like to dwell a bit onown style Scott Lynch’s. Indeed, in the service of his more than fertile imagination, he delivers us a story with singing notes and intoxicating scents. Very dirty scenes (in all senses of the word: literally as well as figuratively!) Punctuate this murky universe, where few alleys invite to smile, but which fortunately invite to party from time to Scott Lynch’s is admirable when it comes to making Camorr swarming, lousy, that we really feel in our guts… He shows here that he has the art of bringing together all the elements of an exciting, strong plot on a putrid side assumed! Moreover, given the language chosen and some bloody scenes, this is obviously not to put in the hands of the youngest fantasy readers, but with a little maturity and reading experience, this novel can only delight by its world full of surprises, its swaying style and its picturesque expressions.

So we come out of this reading breathless and filled with boundless satisfaction! A single desire cannot then invade the reader who had the guts and the honor to pass The Lies of Locke Lamora Audiobook: “by the Very Equitable lady and the True Guardian, I must quickly move on to Des Horizons Rouge Sang ! ”