Simon Sinek – Leaders Eat Last audiobook

Simon Sinek – Leaders Eat Last audiobook

Simon Sinek - Leaders Eat Last audiobook
Simon Sinek – Leaders Eat Last audiobook



Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek was the first to attract attention with its title. It immediately draws different pictures in the imagination, you figure out for yourself what the author wanted to say with such a name …

in general, it was worth reading to understand. Simon Sinek – Leaders Eat Last audiobook .

I read it almost in one breath, and I made more notes than in any other book I read. But at the same time,

I could not decide for a long time what grade to give to the book, as well as what I liked very much,

and what still requires further reflection. Therefore, I wrote a review three weeks after reading it.

A book about what a leader is and what the right culture is in a company.

Probably the only fact that confused me during the reading was the constant reference to the US seals.

That everything is honest and open there, there is a real culture and real leaders.

It sounds good on paper, but I know how often things are in the army, regardless of the state. And we have frequent scandals,

and the US army was smeared with Abu Ghraib and other cases, where they were simply looking for scapegoats in the end. But again, this is the only fact.

Everything else in the book is very close to my understanding of management in general and the leader.

Using various examples, the author shows that culture is paramount.

And not just anyhow, but a culture of openness, support, aimed at making employees happy in the first place.

Everything else will follow in the long run. But if you operate only with numbers, then you can solve immediate problems and even get rich.

But in the short term. But you can’t keep a team of like-minded people like that, the “family” spirit won’t work.

Actually, the main idea is “think first about your people, and then about yourself”.

This is what is put into the title of the book. If employees know that you always think about them and will clean up even in difficult times, they for the most part will not encroach on higher salaries from competitors,

they will be ready to tighten their belts when the company can get into a hard lane (and will not run like rats from the drift). And most importantly, they will calmly work and do what they love, and not worry about their skin and the future of their children.

And with such a culture and such leaders, people even calmly perceive that leaders will have some kind of privileges in the form of large salaries, houses, cars and other things.

Because they understand that this is a normal relationship: they protect us, and therefore we work calmly.

At the same time, the author speaks very negatively (with examples) of the current trend in the capitalist world, when all decisions are translated into the language of financial figures and reports.

People are always lost behind the numbers, the consequences of the loss of individuals are rarely taken into account (after all, for statistics, this is only one person), and nothing about the morale and joy of work from numbers at all.

The numbers are about machines. But not about personality.

I am not the head of the company, but only the head of the department. But if leaders followed the rules described in the book, I think we would live in a completely different world.

True, for some time such approaches have been used in individual companies, and everyone else is usually fiercely jealous of the employees of such companies.

I recommend this book to everyone. Not only for managers, but for all working people.

Because it is not necessary to create a culture at once in the whole company, you can always start with yourself and your small team. Simon Sinek – Leaders Eat Last audiobook .