Becky Albertalli – Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda Audiobook

Becky Albertalli – Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda Audiobook

Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda Audiobook – By Becky Albertalli

Something that happens to me quite rarely, and which in a sense is not unpleasant either, I preferred the film to the novel. But that only happened very little, especially thanks to the end of the book which offers us new, tender and very funny moments. And, even if I have my preference, Love Simon (of its brand new title) was an excellent reading moment, so much so that I continue with the sequel, centered on the character of Leah. It is to say. On the other hand, many typos are present… which is frankly a shame, especially for a reissue.

Having seen the film before reading it, I think I got some idea of ​​the story that was “the real one” for me and I also got attached to the version of the cinematic characters. And yet, the film is a very good adaptation which remains faithful to the basic work while having a lot of small liberties (yes, it is perhaps a little paradoxical). The fact remains that the main message is there and that the two works are small pleasures with a positive message. But let’s go back to our book Becky Albertalli – Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda Audiobook.

Simon is sixteen years old, has known he is gay for several years but has not come out. He saw it rather well until the day one of his comrades blackmailed him to obtain the favors of one of our hero’s best friends … If the novel remains very sympathetic and does not really deal with the persecution and mockery that homosexuals can suffer, I admit that the blackmail side, even if it is not treated with blackness either, has left me, throughout history, with an aftertaste of “I would give Martin a squared face “(our so-called classmate). And at the same time, without Martin, no real story … although come to think of it Simon would have ended up taking the plunge, but this little pressure is precipitating things. The author could have focused on the love story that takes place in parallel and which in my opinion, would probably have ended up with the same result. But she also decides to show the process of a search for oneself and an acceptance as much towards oneself as in front of the looks of others. If you are looking for drama, there isn’t any, and that didn’t bother me in the slightest, even if there is a “realistic” side that is less palpable without being absurd either.

The characters of Love Simon are, without question, the big plus of the novel. Simon, Abby, Leah, Blue and our hero’s wacky family bring so much to the story that it’s hard to leave them. I didn’t particularly identify with anyone, and yet the magic happens from the start. And that’s great because it can be crippling. There is a fairly wide range of character but above all and that is a lot, love and friendship at every corner of the pages. It’s not dripping with tenderness either, but you feel protected, in a way, in Simon’s world. The acceptance is very present, and even before that, one can only see the strong bonds which unite the characters. It feels really good, maybe that’s what some people won’t like, I don’t know, but personally, this positivity and this sweetness really pleased me.

Afterwards, of course, we are dealing with adolescents. There are the little tragedies of everyday life, the romantic relationships that sometimes do not go as we would like, the family, and the high school … This famous high school which spares no one and which nevertheless is also the seat of very beautiful meetings and unforgettable moments. Simon’s journey is also very pleasant to see. He’s not really looking but he’s afraid of the change it might make in his life if everyone found out that he is gay. I like this approach which is a little out of the ordinary. Simon is afraid that people who love him will see him differently, when he fundamentally isn’t. And then, the young man is right: why do we make such a big deal out of it. The scene of straight guys telling their parents they’re straight is heartbreaking and so crying out for the truth. There is a passage from the novel which is alluded to elsewhere. And it’s all there, with a derision so comical that it makes you think.

The romance that sets in between Blue and Simon is also on the same line. Everything happens through exchanged emails. These are just words, and yet, little by little, we feel that something is being created. And just with these letters, the two young people manage to discover the other and to create a feeling of love. Why does our society not focus on what is really important and true? It might be utopian, in a way, but I found this romance much more poignant and lively, tender and real. Becky Albertalli – Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda Audiobook.

A quick word about my favorite scene in the novel which, moreover, remains in the same vein: going out to the gay restaurant / bar. I was under the spell of our completely drunk Simon and all the sweetness of this chapter. It was also a turning point in history, but that scene, ladies and gentlemen, made all the difference for me. I will link it with great pleasure, moreover.

An endearing, funny and tender story that carries us gently. reflection, of course, but above all an adventure in the life of a young man whose best friend we would like to be and to whom we can only wish happiness.