Stephanie Meyer – Breaking Dawn Audiobook

Stephanie Meyer – Breaking Dawn Audiobook

Breaking Dawn Audiobook – (Twiligh Saga Book# 4)




Where to start ? Already against all the fan reviews I have read, I really liked Stephanie Meyer – Breaking Dawn Audiobook and the ending left me with no aftertaste or sadness. The ending is perfect, so to speak: joyful, soothing, filled with hope. But let’s start from the beginning. I was happy to find Bella, her anxieties, her awkwardness, her unconditional love. I really missed her and I couldn’t wait to see where her relationship with Edward would lead. So I come very quickly to marriage. He surprised me: by the presence of Jacob first, then by his simplicity despite the organization of Alice. He was sort of perfect, a perfect match for Edward and Bella. Then comes my review on what I read about Bella! XD Strangely, many say she was a sex addict! lol Personally, I didn’t get that impression (maybe because I’m older than most readers … I don’t know). I don’t think the love between Edward and Bella is really rational. It is powerful, intense, incredible, even devastating in some ways. When we find the person who makes you feel “one” and let’s not forget the fact that they have waited a long time despite their desire … Well it’s more than normal to want to feel the other, not to spend a minute without him. The author was also very good at describing these scenes, without any rudeness or vulgarity.

[Warning, risk of spoilers]

Of course, comes the announcement of Bella’s pregnancy. Not unexpected, because I had read spoils (yes, I could not resist) but scary considering what Bella is going through. I loved the reaction of the two lovers, moreover, to the discovery of the pregnancy. the book is full of funny moments but this one really marked me! XD The following scenes were quite painful. The pain of Bella, Edward, Jake. Rose pissed me off a lot. It really felt like Bella was just the receptacle for her. Really hard to read this. But The explanation that Leah gives a little later in the book, calms a lot (surely something wanted by Stephenie Meyer). Rose then seemed more miserable to me and then she is not possessive to death, just protective and eager to make Renéesméee happy (a name to sleep outside, by the way).

We arrive at the passage seen by Jacob. I was apprehensive because on many occasions and since volume 3, this character that I really like has insuffed me. And then finally, I found the Jake that I loved. Funny, endearing, rough stripping. Bella’s transformation has been magnificent like her first days as a vampire. The idea that she doesn’t change her character, that she controls it all so well (the slippage with Jake when she found out about her imprint was awesome! XD) was very well taken. Just like his gift. His relationship with his daughter was also very touching, pure. Some people complained that Edward wasn’t close enough to his daughter and well I don’t know what they wanted. I haven’t felt once that he doesn’t adore his daughter. We must not forget that Edward is a reserved character, who does not reveal his feelings as easily as Bella, Alice or Jacob. Everything is subtle with him. Besides, Renéesmée was perfect. I loved her character and the conservations she had with her father.

The disappearance of Alice and Jasper was a bit hard, especially since Alice was not present enough for my taste in this volume. But it all comes together quite quickly. The arrival of all these vampires, the fear of the Volturis (whom I hate at the highest point), the preparation for combat … All of this took a long time in terms of writing but I keep a memory of the speed, lack of time. So yes, the confrontation remains psychological, an unbearable tension, endless speeches … but these are vampires not animals. For me, they are thinkers above all. besides, I don’t think Stephenie Meyer is an action, combat writer. Maybe it’s because I write too, but I understand his choice and the lack of action. When the outcome of the fight, well, for 300 pages we knew that Alice had a plan, so yes, it is she who saves everyone, finally Bella of course made the most part, but finally return to Caesar what belongs to Caesar!

The outcome is soothing even if for me Renéesmée was never in danger. So I was charmed, thrilled to see this saga end so well, without having been easy to lead. Now I can’t wait to read Edward’s book and watch the movie !!!!