Stephen Fry – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Audiobook

Stephen Fry – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Audiobook

Stephen Fry – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Audiobook

What to say about this last volume … Already that I had started it with apprehension knowing that the last step of this volume would be really the last of Harry Potter, but also with an uncontrollable excitement! I am a fan of the saga and the wait had been far too long to finally know the outcome, especially after the tragic death of Dumbledore in the Half-Blood Prince.


[Warning risks of spoilers]

This volume is what I could describe as the “adult” volume of the saga. All the characters that we have known since their childhood grow inexorably in this volume. Deaths, fear, anguish, war, violence, losses are painful springboards for all. But what I liked is to see them become these exceptional beings. Harry is no longer the only hero. the book no longer relies on him alone. If I had to name only a few names: Ron who discovers his most terrible anxieties and who manages to overcome them by destroying a Horcrux, Neville forming the resistance at Hogwarts and leading his troops to victory, Dobby still listening only to his heart. despite the tragic consequences that we know … and I could still quote many others.


From the trio, I would retain that what strengthens a group is to brave storms whether painful or mere trifles, that the strength lies in the whole (as Ron would say without Hermione, they would not hold 5 minutes), that friendship is forged over the years and grows again and again. I especially appreciated the new relationship that they also manage to create with Kreacher. I found this idea of ​​JK … I can’t find the words, let’s say it touched me. I managed to like this character, to understand him more when I found him undrinkable in the previous volumes. And it really wasn’t won given that he still indirectly participated in the death of Sirius (one of my favorite characters).


Of Dumbledore, I have a much “bigger” memory. the fact of knowing his mistakes, of understanding him allows to see the man more than the magician and to appreciate even more who he was.


From the story itself … A lot of emotions. The deaths of some of my favorite characters (Tonks, Lupine, Dobby, Fred), the difficult times, the doubts, the few but even more appreciable joys, the fear, the almost permanent anguish indeed, and suspense in the last chapters, those of “the war”, to make you hold your breath and to turn the pages with frenzy. It must be said that with all the rumors circulating about Harry’s death … Pffff! A torture these last pages!


So I liked it, a lot. from beginning to end. I would say it was a perfect ending to this saga so dear to my heart. However, I read the book a few years ago now, but this volume 7 remains very present in my memory. It remains my favorite with volume 3.


Regarding the famous epilogue (which caused a lot of ink to flow with some of my friends … they didn’t like it at all …), I for my part needed. After all these emotions, I had to know. Yes, of course, it’s a real “Happy End” maybe even too much, but I was reassured to know what had become of the characters who accompanied my adolescence. I’m still a little afraid to see what it will look like at the end of the last film. In view of the images that I could see, the actors seem to be 60 years old when they should be 30 …


And to finish, a small list of my favorite and outstanding passages:

– the discovery of Harry’s house to Godric’s Hollows with messages of encouragement

– Neville become a leader and more than important in the battle

– Molly ending the reign of terror of one of the Death Eaters by protecting her daughters (Hermione and Ginny)

– Death characters that I loved enormously

– The argument between Ron and Harry

– At the very beginning of the great battle, when everyone returns to Hogwarts to fight …


And I certainly forget …


As for Voldemort, I don’t I only have one thing to say: Well done! Yes, it’s childish but after all, he always acted childishly to my liking, so that suits him perfectly.



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