Stephen Fry – Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix Audiobook

Stephen Fry – Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix Audiobook

Stephen Fry – Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix Audiobook

Is it hard to resume a series in the middle without even having read the first volumes? Not with Harry Potter! I who had only read the fourth a long time ago, then seen and reviewed all the films, rediscovering the style of JK Rowling in a now well-known universe has simply delighted me!


At the level of the context of the franchise and the scenario in general, the author types from the beginning where it hurts: the credibility of Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore following the events of the fourth volume and the relative bad understanding between the of them. Stephen Fry – Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix Audiobook .

The year at Hogwarts is marked with the seal of a new professor who will particularly give a hard time to our heroes and at the same time give rise to a response from the students quite singular (which I try not to spoiler, in case someone, oh sacrilege, hadn’t been aware of the book or the film) perfectly in the author’s idea of ​​the heroic and rebellious magician when it comes to making the Good by all means.

The affinities towards the characters are always the same for me, whatever the volume or the medium considered: Harry Potter is nourished by multiple contradictions which become endearing over time, several characters are only foils whose interest tries to mature over the length of time, some are horrifying by their personality (and there Ron is for me too often exhausting nervously: how to support someone who does not stop complaining? luckily he compensates by a few moments of frank loyalty, but it’s too rare to catch everything) while, in my opinion, emerges a very well-tuned and supportive female trio made up of Hermione, Ginny and Luna. It is perhaps they who, by their dissonant relationship with Harry Potter (friendship, love and strange relationships), make the most progress in the psychology of all the characters. In a completely different genre, all in oppositions and blatant contrasts, Professor Snape, despite the omnipresence of the new professor of Defense against the Dark Arts, is quite present and this announces for the last two volumes a particularly significant role.

Finally, even if this tome is the biggest of this heptalogy (with the seventh all the same), we must recognize that the author fully masters his format, and always takes his readers further in a very well orchestrated suspense. and darker twists and turns for poor Harry Potter. Irrevocably, the more secrets he discovers about himself, about magic and his world, the more he is tempted to lose his footing. After a first trilogy of childhood, then a pivotal tome, this tome and the following ones are truly synonymous with a lethal headlong rush for many characters of the saga.


A particularly rich fifth volume, therefore, where we can really feel the tension rising significantly. JK Rowling unveils new levers for us to approach the second part of the Harry Potter saga, more mature, darker and which leads us irremediably to the long-awaited confrontation between the forces of Good led by Harry Potter and those of Evil led by Lord Flight of death.


As you would expect, when you start a saga, it is better to go to the end. That’s what I did with Harry Potter and today it’s Volume 5: “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” (by JK Rowling of course).

A number 5 even denser than the previous ones and that I was impatiently waiting for, chomping at the bit since I wanted the paperback edition: grrrr! But my wait had finally been rewarded and I was finally able to throw myself into this reading, which had become a literary phenomenon.


I liked the title: a Phoenix, this legendary bird of fire which is reborn from its ashes and which therefore symbolizes the cycles of death, resurrection and nobility.


By now, we know the characters well, their world: that of the student sorcerers at Hogwarts school where Harry returns and he is fifteen years old.

But he is very anxious at the thought of his exams and what does not help matters is that he is subject to bad nightmares (but there are no good nightmares otherwise they are dreams…). It must be said that the One-To-Not-Shall-Not-Speak-The-Name is back and the trouble is that the Ministry of Magic doesn’t seem to take this threat seriously unlike Dumbledore.

Fortunately, Harry’s friends lend him a hand and stand guard, invaluable support.


When I saw that my book was 1,031 pages long (exactly!), I was puzzled as to whathad found JK Rowling to keep the reader going for so long.

We start well with some revelations – a Harry who is already struggling with his wand because it does not seem to act against a Dementor despite the injunctions of “Spero Patronum!” “. In the chapter “Beak fits”, we learn that Mrs Figg is a Squib as Mondingus knows well, who followed Harry but who left apparating. besides, Hedwig has disappeared.

Moody is seen to be handing a parchment to Harry which read: “The headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix is ​​at 12 Grimmauld Square, London.” “. Ah, we start to approach and it would be time but disappointment when Harry learns that Ron, Hermione and Hedwig had let him down:



Finally, after two hundred pages, it’s back to Hogwarts, always on the same train and in the same way. Reuniting with the other students whose school assignments are chosen by the Sorting Hat…

During a lesson from Professor Umbridge, who taps the blackboard, the following words appear: 

“Defense Against the Dark Arts

Back to basics; »(P.286)

That would be the subject of the course and perhaps an approach of the last volumes? Wait and see and anyway, it will be necessary to read the continuation.


In the meantime, we continue with the multiple events and twists that follow one another – the Quidditch sessions – the very solid friendship with Hermione, Ginny and Luna (girls), not to mention the boys.

We even see bad deeds from Snape, Kreacher, Fudge, to name a few. Stephen Fry – Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix Audiobook .

Worry with black figures popping up everywhere – the Dark Lord – Death Eaters – a prophecy that Harry apparently isn’t aware of – shattering glass globes – spells etc.


On the other hand, Harry discovers the first emotions of love with Cho. Yep, he’s fifteen, but they’re just kissing. The author did not go further. He said that at the beginning, this saga was rather intended for teenagers and now many adults have become passionate about it!


I gave some clues but those who read this work must be laughing or are they afraid that I say too much? Mind you, that amuses me too because I only wanted to say a little about it and I see that I run the risk of getting too carried away.


So I give the order to stop with my pen which is not magic and would like to go to the end of its ink. But I’ll just jot down these few words at the end of this book:

“‘See you soon, buddy,’ Ron said anxiously, shaking his hand.

“See you soon, Harry,” Hermione added gravely. We promise you.

“So,in fact, very soon in the same place for following these spellbinding adventures.

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