Stephen Fry – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Audiobook

Stephen Fry – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Audiobook

Stephen Fry – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Audiobook

I started the JK Rowling saga a long time ago. Almost 13 years now. When I think about it it makes me a little weird, but the most important thing is what Harry Potter and all his universe brought me. I had for some time lost confidence in literature for adolescents and children. I had the impression that at the time there were only adults and that we were really forgotten. Sure, there were the great classics, but nothing overwhelmingly thrilling, new, exciting. It was frustrating. There is no other word … And then, at the head of the gondola while I was shopping with my mother, a work in green colors intrigued me. I still remember it, to say the least.


I must admit that the French cover was a bit strange for my taste, way too childish, but the title “The School of Wizards”, that was intriguing. I started to read the summary and again, I was intrigued. The story of a young wizard who does not know who he is and who is going to enter a school of magic. Could it happen to anyone? Even to me (in an idyllic world, of course), but there was already that side of: the book has a hero, but he looks like you, it could be you.


After making my mother’s eyes (yes, at the time, I couldn’t really afford this little wonder), I managed to get this new novel. I had not yet seen the extent and the enthusiasm that Harry had already aroused, even then the internet was not really available in almost every home. So I made up my own opinion as a big one. And that was the biggest crush I’ve ever had for a book. I devoured it and yet devoured it in spades, but this one had something special. A small miracle for me who gradually lost faith in children’s literature.


I was charmed. from beginning to end. It was all so intense, so new, so enthusiastic. JK Rowling and Jean François Ménard have been able to put some color back into my literary universe. We trek with trepidation into the new world that this young orphan, Harry is discovering, but at the same time there is a magical excitement on every page. Harry is famous throughout the wizarding world, and he never knew it. In fact, he doesn’t know much about him, so we find out with him who he is. It’s strange but at the same time quite thrilling, especially since we don’t have a single second to get bored. Harry is the energetic type and a go-getter. He quickly makes friends (and enemies), is courageous, rather gifted, adorable, smiling, and at the same time so lonely. However, he does not let himself down at all, quite the contrary. He is ready to take his new life to the fullest and we certainly won’t be telling him to do anything else!


His universe is gradually enriched with Hogwarts, its teachers, Ron and Hermione (my two favorite characters), the twins Fred and George, Dean, Seamus, Neville, Drago, the Quiddicht, Hagrid, Hedwig and so much more. that this volume which is the shortest, remains in a sense the richest.


To have read the other volumes (of course!), I must also say that this volume remains the most “childish” if I may say so. He is like Harry and his young age. It remains an excellent book nonetheless, but it is more naive, more tender than those which will follow. And that is part of what is extraordinary about this saga, is that it is easy to grow up with the books as they become, like its more and more adult and dark heroes.

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