Stephen Fry – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Audiobook

Stephen Fry – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Audiobook

Stephen Fry – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Audiobook

Did you think I was going to stop my Harry Potter columns? Think again, I only spoke about the first two volumes and there are therefore five left …

So today, we go to Volume 3: “Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban”.

Besides, Harry Potter misses his Hogwarts school terribly and: “In many ways, Harry Potter was a most peculiar boy. First of all, he hated summer vacation, it was the most unpleasant time of year for him. »(P.7).


But he ends up finding his friends Ron and Hermione and they take the train that takes them to their dear school.

Here, the novelty is that everyone (Muggles, wizards …) is scared because we have learned that a very dangerous criminal and close to Voldemort (oops, you should not say this name but on the contrary: The One -On-Do-Not-Pronounce-The-Name). This criminal is simply Sirius Black who is looking for Harry Potter. So we put it in good custody but will it be effective?


It is in this volume that we learn a little more about Harry’s past, about the death of his parents… It is therefore a work apparently THE center of the whole saga.

We meet the new Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor: Remus Lupine – of the Dementors (guards of Azkaban prison) …

We learn that Sirius Black was a friend of Harry’s parents and that he is a guardian of a secret.

It is also in this tome that we find the Marauder’s Map (gift given to Harry by the Weasley twins). As for Malfoy, nothing has changed, still so hateful.

In addition, we discover the village “Le Hogsmeade” that only certain students can visit. The shops in this hamlet are magical and you have to go to the confectionery: surprises guaranteed.


And school ? On the program: divination course, training hyppogriffs, making a “shriveling potion”. Really sorcerers these courses.

So on the menu of this book, many new features: the Magicobus (which Harry used to join the Wizards’ Club in London) – the Blue Cauldron where Fudge is waiting for him (this Minister of Magic tries to reassure Harry about his future ). This one feared his exclusion from Hogwarts after a very picturesque scene (for us) where he “inflated” it in every sense of the word because it became a hot air balloon – A picturesque chapter (taken at random), that of Gryffindor Against Ravenclaw: “It seemed like all was over with the friendship between Ron and Hermione. Each was so angry with the other that Harry couldn’t see how they could ever reconcile.

Ron was furious that Hermione had never taken Crookshanks’ attempts to devour Scabs seriously. ” (p.272): A cat against a rat.

We see that Madam Hooch continues to watch Harry during Gryffindor training. By the way, in these Quidditch games, we learn that Cho Chang has a “Comet 260”, “a joke about Harry’s Firebolt” (these are the names of their brooms – means of locomotion). As for the object that the players must throw, it is the “Golden Snitch”.

Chapters all fun and bewitching, chills (yes, good, for children) and humor, always humor.


A last little gourmet touch, which I saved for last (or perhaps hunger), concerns a shop in the “Hogsmeade”, “Honeyducks”, where you can not only find a wide variety of candies, but also caramels, huge blocks of chocolate, very soft nougats, pink cubes of coconut ice cream, etc …

There you go. It was to whet your appetite for snack time or to consume during a good read!


See you soon for another Harry Potter tome. It must be said that JK Rowling spared no effort or his vivid imagination for our greatest pleasure.

To read or reread without moderation.

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