Stephen King Blockade Billy Audiobook

Stephen King Blockade Billy Audiobook

Stephen King Blockade Billy Audiobook
Stephen King Blockade Billy Audiobook

William “Blockade Billy” Blakely may have been the greatest baseball player of all time, but today no one remembers him. He was the first (and only) player to have his life taken completely from the record books.
Every effort was made to erase each and every evidence that Willam Blakely played baseball professionally, and for good reason.
Blockade Billy has an even darker secret than the pills or injections that would create a scandal in today’s sport
His secret was much, much worse …

SPOILERS (highlight the following passage if you want to know the end of the story

In the 1950s, the New Jersey Titans were once short of players. The manager had to do his best to find a good one, in order to make the game against the Red Sox and counter the opponent. Blockade Billy, a man who seems a little simple-minded (inclined to repeat what he is told) will come to the rescue.
In his first match, one of the opponents behind Blockade Billy suffered a serious injury: cut a ligament. For the latter, the professional playing career will end there. Stephen King Blockade Billy Audiobook .

The manager hadn’t been particularly careful before the game, but there is something weird about Billy, who looked injured before the game doesn’t seem to be after. For the next match, Billy will be acclaimed as a hero by the crowd, even before the start.

Eventually, the team will win, but the police will report to the coach. Explaining that Billy isn’t really Billy.
He is in fact Gene Katsanis, orphan and friend of the real ‘Billy’ (Blakely). They played baseball regularly, as Blakely’s parents housed him and paid him for milking the cows and other chores. But one day, Katsanis killed Billy and his parents, butting their throats with a razor blade.

At the end of the match, the coach tells Billy to come down because the team manager wants to talk to him. Sensing that something is wrong, he will eventually cut the razor blade with the blade that was under his bandage.

He will subsequently be taken away by the police without struggling and will end up committing suicide in prison by swallowing soap.