Stephen King – Gerald’s Game Audiobook

Stephen King – Gerald’s Game Audiobook

Stephen King – Gerald’s Game Audiobook

1992 Stephen King – Gerald’s Game Audiobook read by Lindsay Crouse



After rediscovering Danse Macabre, I wanted to switch to a longer Stephen King, one of those books that had always intimidated me. Cujo, the plague or … Gerald’s Game that I have never read before, that I always pushed away a little constantly. Stephen King – Gerald’s Game Audiobook .

My choice fell on Gerald’s Game in the end and I did not regret it despite a grueling point of no return that I had never experienced with the King before (or else I do not remember the sensations felt on other master pavers).

With Gerald’s Game in 1992, the master of suspense clearly poses a challenge to both himself and his readers.

It is indeed difficult to build a closed door on a woman chained for nearly 90% of the book in a room and that our perceptions remain at the same state as Gerald’s Game Burlingham, in the universe that makes up the room of the small holiday cottage near the lake.

And yet King incredibly succeeded in his bet, which was not a given one imagines. “Gerald’s Game” inaugurates for the King an abandonment, let’s say, a desire to put a little more aside the fantastic and the dread to deal with a little more of the psychological horror, the one which, sometimes, under cover of banality, will make you far more afraid than tentacles and other flabby, slimy things. “Misery” in 1987 was already an open door between the cobblestones that constituted “that” and “The tommyknockers”. With “Gerald’s Game” then “Dolores Claiborne” who also returns to the famous total solar eclipse of the 1960s, also here a central element and determining pivot of the plot, King provides a sort of diptych of portraits of women in a place (Le Maine, obviously, his dear region) where memories and beings will telescope to a strange point (Gerald’s Game chained to the sight of an old woman at one point, a sight that refers to Dolores Claiborne) without it being necessary to read the two novels (which are actually two different stories). Stephen King – Gerald’s Game Audiobook .

Concretely Gerald’s Game will pour greatly into introspection, King using the system of inner voices to explain the psyche of his heroine in order to go back to a traumatic event of her childhood from which everything ensued and then, to try to go up the slope and try to get out of it. Of course, King regularly shares the thoughts of his characters with us in a good part of his novels, but we walk all the more so as Gerald’s Game risks sinking more and more into madness with the passage of time, with her body writhing. more and more cramps, hunger and especially thirst that are very quickly day … We therefore constantly navigate in Gerald’s Game’s head (memories and the past) while staying near her body (the present of this room become very unsanitary).

And it works, King keeps us going with all the tricks, because he remains a great storyteller above all.

So we stay hooked on the pages even if we feel a little the length sometimes and we tell ourselves that it will be okay, that it could not be worse. And yet, it gradually gets worse and worse. First with this corpse at her feet, that of her husband, the victim of a heart attack at the time when it was not necessary that begins to rot slowly. Then this stray dog ​​who has not eaten for several days and who is beginning to be attracted by the smell to the point of becoming more and more emboldened. Not to mention Gerald’s Game’s adventures to get water on one of the bedside tables around the bed with the meager margin left by the handcuffs. And then in the night, this almost human head seen in a corner of the window … A prowler? A hallucination? And when the presence begins to emerge in the opening of the door and we realize that it has longer arms than normal, and a briefcase in human skin with jewels and bones inside, would be- this death in person?
I enjoyed spending my nights in bed so much with “Gerald’s Game”. And I was absolutely served with this book that had completely stunned me.
The writing of the genius and the screams of Gerald’s Game had totally amazed me. What madness ! I applaud and say thank you to my dear Steevie for this work well done.
“Gerald’s Game” is not only a scary novel, but also disturbing as one might classify it in the realm of horrifico-psychological thriller.
The protagonist is definitely not one of the friendliest characters (at least at the start of the storytelling), but as he goes along
As we advance in the plot, I began to appreciate it better, while hoping that it will end up coming out alive from this ordeal. Never such a talented author would have approached so many different subjects with so much brilliance because this time, it is indeed about the sexual games, the total solitude and in particular the confinement. the chalet by the lake, the door wide open with nothing but the forest all around, brings to the whole story a terrifying and unhealthy atmosphere. The frame is perfectly well developed, mastered that we do not get bored once, it is so captivating, devious and that we go crescendo in the most total anguish. the novel is hard, raw and intelligently constructed with a very well researched psychology. The construction of the story is admirable and disturbing. In addition, the Master echoes another of his works: “Dolores Claiborne”. A correspondence that I found simply brilliant. A work of introspection filled with discomfort, apprehension, embarrassment and dread which makes good use of the ideas and impulses of Stephen King. Stephen King – Gerald’s Game Audiobook .
It’s psychological, scary in the extreme. An excellent, terrifying and nightmarish camera. I highly recommend it.

Well I say no more hehe. Despite feeling a bit lengthy as the end approaches, it’s pretty impressive. Excellent novel by King. Perhaps one of his best, but I still have a good handful to read and even rediscover.