Stephen King – Hearts In Atlantis Audiobook

Stephen King – Hearts In Atlantis Audiobook

Stephen King – Hearts In Atlantis Audiobook

1960. Bobby Garfield is 11 years old and his biggest concern is buying this wonderful bike that has seen in a shop window in town. His friends are Sully-John and Carol Gerber. He lives alone with his mother, a woman who is often cold, obsessed with money and not very friendly with men. “He was afraid of his mother, and not just a little; the anger she stung and the resentments she could sustain for a long time were only partly responsible for this fear, which was above all due to the awful feeling of being little loved and the need to protect all the more that little love.

(P. 64) When Ted Brautigan moves into the apartment upstairs, Bobby doesn’t yet know he’s having his last summer as a little boy. old Ted is obsessed with those who call low-level scoundrels, men in long yellow coats who are after him. He charges Bobby to keep his eyes open and report all kinds of events to him. the kid initially thinks Ted is crazy, but gradually the world seems to be getting less secure. Stephen King – Hearts In Atlantis Audiobook .
1966, University of Maine. Pete Riley is a young scholarship student who knows he must perform well in order not to fail and be called out by the conscription. The Vietnam War has just started and the conscience is starting to heat up and protest. But that’s not the case for everyone at university. “When people talk about the activist from the sixties, I have to make an effort to remember that the majority of these kids went through that time the same way Nate did. They remained immersed in their history book, not looking up as the story unfolded around them. (P. 364) It’s not the history books that grab all of Pete’s attention, it’s a card game. In the common room of his dormitory, residents clash in rabid heart-hunting games. Pete knows he’s risking his purse to spend his nights among the cards, but nothing seems to be able to distract him from this gambling fever, not even Carol Gerber.
1983. Willie Shearman is a veteran, hero of Vietnam, who made a career out of begging on Fifth Avenue pretending to be blind. A few days before Christmas, we follow a whole day of this impostor who never stops doing penance for the beating that gave Carol Gerber when he was a kid. Moreover, he cannot forget the war and its horrors. “In the bush, sometimes it took something bad to prevent something even worse. (P. 548) does the worst justify the bad? That’s what Willie can’t help but wonder as he squeezes a baseball glove that isn’t his.
1999. John Sullivan quits his job and returns home. Two women have marked his life. There is Carol Gerber who was his first girlfriend. And there’s this mama-san who’s been following him since he left Vietnam. True, he has made a success of his life, but the demons of war are hanging on his back, like that of all veterans. “Those who haven’t had cancer are alcoholics to death, and those who have been able to quit booze walk on Prozac. (P. 608) No glory for the soldiers who ravaged Vietnam, just memories as sticky and hot as napalm.
1999. Bobby Garfield returns to Harwich, the suburb of his childhood. “Forty years is a long time. People grow up… they grow up and leave behind the child they used to be. (P. 668) But Bobby is certain, he will find Carol Gerber. And maybe Ted Brautigan too: the old man had made him a promise and everything indicates that he will keep it. Finally, all the clues overlap: the baseball glove, the novel His Majesty of the Flies by William Golding and Carol Gerber.
The stories of Bobby, Pete, Willie and John Sullivan are like independent short stories, not Carol Gerber who, like the white rabbit, goes from one to the other and connects the plots and the boys together. During the first story, the anguish gradually rises, but the mystery remains unsolved. In the other three stories, there is no supernatural, except for a few flakes that could very well go unnoticed. When everything comes together, ties together and finally forms the ultimate picture, we can only salute the talent of the author who bases his whole story on a childhood love and on a promise. I who do not like horror novels very much, I was initially worried when I opened this book. But Stephen King has produced a very particular story that is part of the initiatory tale, the pacifist pamphlet and the key novel.
Atlantis is the America of the sixties, a mythical continent that disappeared under the bombs of the Vietnam War. Yes, the bombs dropped elsewhere still destroyed the country that sent them. The lost hearts are first of all those from the card game that almost drove all the students in a university dormitory crazy. It is above all the hopes and dreams that have failed, either in war or in life. “Hearts can break. Yes. Hearts can break. Sometimes I think to myself that it would be better if we died at such times, but we will not die. »(P. 524 & 525) It is therefore with broken hearts, more or less patched up, that people continue to live. Carol is not the main character, but she motivates the whole plot as her story unfolds in the narrative of one or the other’s memories. the most lost heart is his, that of the kid in love with Bobby, that of the activist almost by chance and that of the child abused by a bunch of young bullies. Stephen King – Hearts In Atlantis Audiobook .

Carol is perhaps the best incarnation of the sixties. She is the sixties.
Forget your prejudices about Stephen King: here the master of horror is subtle and brilliant. And thanks to him, I discovered an artist, Phil Ochs.