Stephen King – Insomnia Audiobook

Stephen King – Insomnia Audiobook

Stephen King – Insomnia Audiobook
Stephen King – Insomnia Audiobook

Recently widowed Ralph Roberts suffers from insomnia. He falls asleep every night at the same time to wake up earlier and earlier each morning. Unable to go back to sleep, unable to recover the hours of sleep. Nothing works. Fatigue takes hold of him, makes him see strange fumes which surround people and which, depending on the color and shape, indicate the state of mind and health of the person. He’s not the only insomniac. Stephen King – Insomnia Audiobook .

Lois Chassey, “that sacred Lois”, also a member of the “Club des Vieux Croulants de Derry”, is also a member and both perceive a whole universe of colorful aura in motion. They also see “Bald Docs” armed with scissors or a rusty scalpel with which they cut the colored plumes of living things. Are they losing their minds, or are they being propelled by their insomnia to another level of consciousness?
But in Derry, of course, no one seems to notice anything as the tension mounts, around the abortion debate, women’s free choice, and the coming of this die-hard feminist, Susan Day.
The struggle between the Intentional and the Random seems about to end. Unless Ralph, 70, insomniac, turns into a centurion – vigilante and fights against the Purple King …

At first glance, Stephen King’s “Insomnia” may not be the author’s most exciting book, and must even prove downright confusing to the new reader. the pace of the book is slow, the main character is old, the observation of the living environment is meticulous.
Stephen King creates as always his own mythology, transforms the three Fates into three bald docs, making the state of insomnia an entrance hall for higher levels of perception, developing as always a particular universe where one finds his personal reflections on the existence of evil and its intolerable presence. But that’s not all, Stephen King ventures again and again in his critical observation of American society with his conservative mentality and his behavior in the face of abortion, domestic violence and old age.
Personally, I find it captivating and the rhythm it acquires towards the end is irresistible. There, King lets go in his mystical deliriums and addresses himself particularly to the initiated because in this book, one meets some subtle anecdotes which refer to other books of the author but there, it is necessary to have read a lot of them to know What are we talking about. When you have taken the bottle, you will reread “Insomnia” with another eye.
“Insomnia” is above all a superb, fantastic, breath-taking book that can be read by itself.
Shunned by several fans, “Insomnia” is nevertheless a big block that I really liked.
This novel is very imaginative and engaged, because the anti-abortion commandos are unfortunately a reality. The descriptions are excellent and the atypical characters are very endearing that each page and each chapter make us want to continue reading without interruption. the rhythm is breathless, addicting and exciting. And the idea of ​​the superposition of the two worlds is quite simply ingenious. Admittedly, the beginning is slow to start, a little heavy with description, but these small inconveniences cannot or should not be used as an excuse to miss this little Kingien gem. Above all, do not be impressed by the number of pages because when you enter the story, you no longer see them scroll, that it engages at a phenomenal speed. The rest is fantastic, the rhythm it acquires towards the end is irresistible. the final outcome had left an indelible mark on my mind.
Moreover, “Insomnia” is one of the Master’s novels most closely linked to the “Dark Tower” cycle. Many tend to criticize its lengths and its a little “soporific” side but for my part, I really found it excellent. After that, for sure, the sewer and the colors (of balloons) are in nature. “Insomnia” has a very special atmosphere and some really great ideas. And on top of “That”, the plot takes us straight to Derry. Each setting, each scene will remain etched in my memory: the hospital in Derry as well as the old railway on Neibolt Street.
“Insomnia” is a very good book on old age, the meaning of life, conjugal violence and in particular on the right to abortion. As usual, Stephen King takes us on an extraordinary adventure full of twists and turns.
To read imperatively if you want to spend nights between dream and nightmare because, it is an essential work.
This book, I love it.

Undoubtedly tedious or even boring for those addicted to action who don’t leave a crumb of time to breathe, but for me it’s one of the novels that I prefer, if not THE novel.

It’s already happening in Derry and it’s always a pleasure to go to Derry, this city “not quite like the others”. If I had the opportunity to spend some time in a city from one of the novels I read, I would definitely choose Derry.

The characters come to life from the start, we can only believe in their existence (as in all King’s novels to tell the truth) and I don’t know about you, but I manage to attach myself to all of them as well as the good ones. less charitable, than those who are downright detestable. Not for the same reasons, nor with the same intensity for sure, but I always have a twinge of sadness when I have to part with them at the turn of the last page. Even more since many of them are the people of Harris Avenue that I must leave and they are among those I love the most. Stephen King – Insomnia Audiobook

Another rereading that balances me despite the themes covered from which arise hard, brutal but also more positive events throughout the story.

I can only encourage you to find out if you like or at least don’t mind taking the time to savor a story that will rock you if you get carried away and carried away.